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78 Yet Still Looking Fabulous.

I just can’t help but take some time out of my busy time to celebrate someone who is VERY dear to my heart. Someone who has been there for me when the chips were down, when many lost faith and took to their heels. A man who is obviously blessed and exceptional. Fearfully and wonderfully made, a REAL father, a LEADER and definitely NOT a MASTER, a man that has all the charm money simply cannot buy. Tall, handsome and has the fear of God in him. Someone I simply call “Baba mi owon”.

Your Grace, Archbishop Felix Alaba Adeosin omo Job, as you celebrate your 78th birthday today, may you continue to be a blessing to us all. Amen.

To most, you are a father, to me, you are my DADDY, a GRANDFATHER to my son, my MENTOR, my CONFIDANT, my DISCIPLINARIAN and mostly my PRAYER GUIDE.

Photo Credit: Birogs

Photo Credit: Birogs

You have been MORE THAN A CONSTANT in my life.
You have ALWAYS been proud of my triumphs, and when things have gone wrong, you have ALWAYS been patient, helpful and strong for me. You stayed with and by me all the way – I am glad to have made you proud at the end of the day, and I promise to continue to. – I am, “work in progress” baba mi owon. Thank you for being STEADFAST through it all. I appreciate you.
Baba mi owon and I - VTI

Baba mi owon and I – VTI

In all that I do, your love plays a major part, and each day that passes, I am more grateful and proud to be opportuned to call you my daddy!
Thank you for always been just a call, text or email away, and never tired to hear me out! You remember “those years?” Hmmmmm! Thank you for answering my constant and daily calls even when you needed to sleep, and yet, listened to my fears and worries, and always dipped into your well of wisdom which kept me going.
Thank you for always sending me back to my Rosary and Prayers. Only if you know that I survived it all because I had you! THANK YOU! I can NEVER forget those years! I remember them today, and smile, while I thankfully send a prayer up to God for you. E pe fun mi Baba mi owon. E jeun omo kale. Ounje wa ko ni kan ni enu yin. AMIN JESU.
Thank you for never relenting to tell me NO or STOP (with your stern voice) and still love me even when I am hard-headed!
Thank you for your wisdom and unrelenting prayers. Thank you for always being there and always being TRUE!
For always believing in my strengths, always encouraging and teaching me how to strive for greater heights, not holding back if I need to be scolded or corrected, I say THANK YOU BABA MI OWON.
I take for granted NOT all your words of wisdom, your prayers and constant ‘pick-me-up’ lines when I need it.
I take for granted NOT the opportunity to be your pampered daughter (even though as far as my bio-parents are concerned, you spoil me).
I thank God for the opportunity to have a REAL relationship with you, and being able to say: yes, you know me and know what I can do. Your Grace, Archbishop Felix Alaba Adeosin Job, e pe fun wa o. Amin.

We appreciate you more than words can qualify.

Thank you for being YOU baba mi owon. Thank you for your wisdom, love and care.

E jeun omo pe ni agbara Oluwa pelu irorun, alafia ati ifokan bale. We love you very much daddy.

Photo Credit: Birogs

Photo Credit: Birogs

If it is NOT +F.A.A. Job, it can NOT be +F.A.A. Job!

Absolutely on point! Not everyone looks this good at 78! You know? Azzin…..Seriously? 🙂 🙂

As Fr. Francis Onugha wrote in his “Daily Chewing Stick” of today, – ” Baba is 78 years old today, and still looks like a school boy of 18 years old!”……….. So true! You are BLESSED!

Happy 78th birthday BabaIjebs 😂 with all our love. – VTI©

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Valentina is a self motivated mother who has always committed herself to the service of humanity. In her quest to help in this wise, she has tales of personal experiences. Her challenges and successes which are always ongoing, and she'll be sharing with you without reserve. - Olusegun Idowu


  1. Happy Birthday daddy! Igba odun odun kan ni

  2. Happy “18th” birthday to Bábá ré ówón….may his days be long and peaceful in Christ’s Name

  3. Happy birthday to daddy FAA Job… God bless your new age Sir.

  4. HBD Sir FAA Job.. God bless your new age Sir.

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