A Beautiful Union…

Prayerfully waited for this special occasion that I just could not afford to miss it. Originally slated for the month of April, and postponed to May due to the elections of my great motherland, I had bought my airline ticket for the original date, and had to pay the fare difference and penalty fees to change my date and route, but the occasion and person in question was very well worth it. I had to be there to give my moral support to my sister, my friend of over 21 wonderful years, my SD’s special one and my mum’s darling daughter, who I fondly called Adekemi omo Oba now Adekemi aya Adepoju! There was ONE thing though – I did NOT want her to have an inkling! It sure was a tough one, because that meant I would not inform some people.

As we planned the details of her wedding, I made sure Kemi didn’t have the slightest inkling that I would make it. Each time the conversation started about my presence, I would brush it off with a valid excuse! I made sure I didn’t tell anyone that could hint her. I planned it well and God was on my side. Her make-up artist, Barbara had asked me how I could manage to keep such a secret, yet speaking with Kemi every day, and I admitted that as much as I was good with secrets, this was a tough one, but I was determined not to let her know.

Photo Credit: Azure Photography

Photo Credit: Azure Photography

A week to the wedding, I told Kemi to meet a good friend of mine in Lagos on her way to Ibadan to collect some things and she obliged.

As much as I am used to making solo-unannounced trips to Nigeria, I still don’t know how I pulled this one because we spoke every day during the planning phase and was constantly chatting, because her special day just had to be perfect and Oh My God! It was absolutely a fabulous and colorful day. Surely, a day to remember for a lifetime.

She stunned the world with her looks, dance steps and smiles!


Photo Credit: Azure Photography

Her husband who I call “Mr. T” was looking sharp as well.

Photo Credit: Azure Photography


As I planned my entrance into Nigeria, I informed a few close people but made sure I told them for their ears ONLY! Everyone I told was excited for her. You just couldn’t and still can’t help but be happy. 

I remember mentioning it to my big bros Femi aka Odidere Maria. He was overly excited, not minding the fact that Kemi forgot to inform him. Prayers he sent her way.

My darling big sis – Rev. Sr. Juliana Osiyemi did not mind me leaving her for the weekend all for Kemi. She prayed and wished she could be there as well.

The Archbishop Emeritus of Ibadan Catholic Archdiocese, His Grace, Archbishop Felix Alaba Job as well was overjoyed when I told him – He prayed for the intercession of Our Lady to be with both of them and guide them all the way. He referred to her as “Omo Oba” and said some pleasant things about the Ademiluyi family. I told him she has no idea I was coming and it was getting tough as the day passed to keep it from her, and he laughed with joy. When I told him I might appear in Church, he pleaded on her behalf. He was really excited for her.

My SHPS siblings of almost four decades were overjoyed as well, and promised to be there to support her and traveled from all parts of Nigeria they did all for Adekemi and Olatoye! Beautiful friends that found out last minute showed up as well. What again can KemiToye ask God for? He continues to manifest His power in their lives.

Now, I knew I had to cover up my period of silence while enroute, so I came up with a story of an interview in Korea! With her knowing the nature of my job, and the fact that I just rolled off my last project, the story sold, except she tried to convince me not to relocate to Korea!

However, when you are not used to telling tales, you forget the original tale! I obviously forgot the Korea story and put my incommunicado on my phone! Told her my phone dropped in water! Little did she know I was six flight hours away! As soon as I landed in Heathrow and turned my phone on, it was her whatsapp messages I got!

Photo Credit: VTI©

Photo Credit: VTI©

WE chatted till I boarded my flight to Lagos, and I prayed to God she or her sisters – Dayo and Tejumade would not need my input towards anything………….they did not know either!

On landing in Lagos, whatsapp messages continued. I roamed my U.S phone just in case she decided to put a call through. She was on her way to Lagos from Abuja to meet my friend who supposedly had a package for her from me.

I trailed her on whatsapp till she arrived. The rest, you can view below:

Saturday, May 9th arrived, and all roads led to Apata in the metropolitan city of Ibadan, Nigeria as Adekemi became Mrs. Olatoye Adepoju at St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Apata, Ibadan. The Mass was attended by special Catholic Priests namely…. Rev. Fr. Richard Omolade, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Olusola, Rev. Fr. Francis Omolade, Rev. Fr. Asawale, Rev. Fr. Iwuala Johnson, Rev. Fr. Augustine Aina and Rev. Fr. Felix Adedigba. A beautiful homily was delivered to the couple and entire congregation by Rev. Fr. Francis Onugha.

PhotoCredit: birogs.com

Family and friends swarmed in from around the world since Thursday, to grace this special occasion and to give the couple all the moral support needed for the day. The couples’ colleagues were very well represented from the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria from Abuja as well as Ilorin and the Federal University of Technology, Akure in Ondo State. Birogs.com interviewed some guests on how they made it amidst the fuel-scarcity, and the response was basically, they would not miss it for anything! How could one miss such though? 

Reception followed immediately at the Lafia Hotel also in Apata. Everything was detailed, joy was unending and the couple stunned the crowd with their moves. They were obviously very happily in love and infectious it was! 

PhotoCredit: birogs.com

PhotoCredit: birogs.com

Our prayers for our newest couple on the block: May this new life you have both started together be a life of abundant blessings, joy, peace, love and understanding that surpasses human understanding. May all people be blessed by what they wish you and yours in Jesus mighty name. Amen. Happy Married Life once again darlings. You are very well loved.

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  1. That video teared me up. You’re such a rare gem full of surprises Val and God will continue to bless you. That was a beautiful wedding.

  2. Quite interesting! May the Lord bless the marriage in Jesus name. Amen

  3. That was a good surprised. I love it

  4. Congrats sis, may God bless your home.
    Eyin iyawo o ni mo eni o.

  5. That was a good one Val. I pray the Lord will surprise you with His presence. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

  6. What a pleasant surprise…….Why now, why are you like this?
    God bless this union and make them happy.

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