A Hole In My Heart.

When you fall in love, you can fall out of love easily just the way you fell in, so, many times, when someone we fall in love leaves us, it is easy to get over the hurt!

However, when you grow to love someone, that kind of love develops naturally and stays in our hearts forever even after the loved-one leaves.

Sis. Sola, that is the pain we feel. A forever pain! You have left us with holes in our hearts! Holes no one can fill! You will be forever missed!

Mrs. Sola Ige nee Alade. February 1st, 1965 - March 1st, 2016

Mrs. Sola Ige nee Alade.
                      February 1st, 1965 – March 1st, 2016.

I remember my teenage years when I would go to Aleshinloye market to bother you. You always welcomed me with love. You helped choose my first relaxer, and taught me the ropes of knowing the best beauty products. Those lessons, stayed with me till now. I learnt from you that “expensive isn’t ALWAYS better, even though sometimes, it might be.” You taught me many things that then, I did not quite understand or even get the logic, but as years go by, the lessons continue to sink in.

My ever-smiling big sis. Rest in peace.

My ever-smiling big sis. Rest in Peace.

You were more a sister to me, than a cousin. I remember one occasion when mummy unknowingly to me, had reported me to you. When I got to yours, you sat me down and lectured me on life. You spoke to me as if you were speaking with your friend and when I objected on an issue, in your usual way, you smiled and said “Siiiisiiii!” You still got your point across with love and all the gentility a teenager needed. You truly cared. You were real! I can proudly say that I am glad our blood truly mix.

You were very easy to talk to, very accommodating, unassuming, and always smiling. My late dad loved you to a fault – he even had a nickname specifically for you, a name he called no one else. I am sure you would have met in Heaven if truly people see when they cross over to that side.

Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

The news of your demise came to me as a shock. All that could come out of me was “Noooooooooooooooo!” as I cried! I thought I had become immune to the pains brought by the death of loved ones after losing two significant men in a span of eight months, but I guess not! Yours was definitely a rude shock I am not sure I can get over.

As much as I know you are in a better place, with no more worries, no more pain, no more stress, the selfish part of me wishes you are still around Sis Sola! If only I could have one more opportunity to thank you for all that you were to me! If only I could see that smiling face again! I have no doubt however, that you are in Heaven! I sincerely believe that.

Sis Sola, always look back. Always look down on your precious gifts – Olaide, Olaitan and Lanre whom only God can console. We know they have surely gained an angel in Heaven. Watch over and guard them always. We pray for God’s grace for your dear husband, Uncle Tunde. May God direct him on raising the children without your physical support. Mummy Alade is not finding it easy but people say she should be strong, but only if it were that easy! Honestly, just thinking about her makes me cringe. No mother deserves to mourn a child. However, they say God gives and He takes, they say God understands. They say He will strengthen her, well, I pray He does, but I am sure the void will be there forever. It is well.

Your siblings all have a void no one can fill. You were a SISTER in the real sense of the word to your siblings, and even to us your cousins. We knew we could depend on you come rain, come shine. May God console us all. Amen.

Your aunty (my mum) has cried endlessly since the news was broken to her, but has to be strong when she speaks with her big sis (your mum). It is well!

As you are laid to rest today, I pray for peace from above for us all. I pray for strength to forge ahead without you. I pray for wisdom in knowing how to deal with the vacuum no one can fill Sis. Sola. I pray for the grace that supercedes all grace to face tomorrow, and I pray we all make Heaven after our soujorn on this side.

The entire Ige, Alade, and Phillips families mourn you. Our belief lies strongly in our faith that we will meet again on the other side at the feet of Our Lord to part no more.

Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

My big sis, May God grant you eternal rest. Amen. Continue to rest in His bossom. WE love you.

Omo oloje okoso.

Omo agbo mati oje.

Omo agbegi rekete f’Oba. Gbigbe la ngbe, aki iru, omo olomo lo nru igi wale fun wa.

Omo oko san mi ju ile lo. Omo eso Ikoyi, sun re o!


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  1. May God bless her soul. May God also comfort you Val of this huge pain. Amen.

  2. Aderonke Sorinmade

    May her beautiful soul rest in peace. It’s good to be good & live a good legacy with good memories of life.

  3. Our prayers are with you at this time.

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