AjibiKé Rocks Her 40S.

Have you seen this “babe” who not only is approachable, dependable and talented; but can also rock the Red carpet with absolutely NO make-up and still turn heads? Yes, it is CocoZini herself. The one and only web-admin of birogs.com. Very hard-working, super-innovative, pretty and has a lot going on for her. One thing though, she sure can be moody at times and you just have to let her be, because as determined as she is, it can be a task to get her out of whatever mood she is in. Trust me, I know, I have known her basically ALL my life! She is AjibiKé.



We rocked “Mothercare” together, had our share of  “St. Michael’s undies” posed with “Cortina” shoes, remembered what “clogs” looked like in the early 80s, and enjoyed “fan milk” together in our ever “green” uniforms. We both can list every family that lived from the beginning of Akinyemi Way all the way to Odo-Ona together – that’s how far we have come. She is vanilla and I am chocolate in all sense of our worlds, and it sure works for US.

She will do what she has to do to make sure a sis is good, she will go an extra mile for a friend, and will offer an enemy a glass of water……but she is learning that you just show them where to get the water and create space away from them! LOL.

She can whip an outfit and make Singer machine feel bad. She can juggle numbers and turn a word document into a spreadsheet, and oh! She can press the life out of word and bring out an alarming website. I call her the WORKS!



I think she is a perfectionist in a lot of things and I am beginning to wonder if she’s got OCD! Seriously! However, I love her “It better be right spirit”, but can’t stand her “SEO” fever 🙂 Jeez! Does it have to be green? Yes, it has, when it comes to Jibs and she thinks my impatience kicks in when it isn’t green! Heheheeheeee! I hope it all turns green on this one or she is getting back in to make sure!

Who is she? She is a beautiful in and out sis from my cradle.

As you continue to rock your 40s, may your days be filled with all the goodies from God’s pantry and may you grow from grace to grace, favour upon favour, and too much love in your life. May all your dots continue to connect in pleasant places my dearest.

Daddy Ojomo’s sweetheart, his little princess, you know what is on my mind so I will NOT call you out here! I give you YET, another chance before going that route with you 🙂 You are a big girl now you know? Hmmmmm! Sista 40ish 🙂


Have fun sis, and keep rocking the 40s. Much love and appreciation for all you do and what you stand for. Thank you for who you are and what you stand for. You are IT! Happy birthday Ibukun! Happy birthday darling Jibs!

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Valentina is a self motivated mother who has always committed herself to the service of humanity. In her quest to help in this wise, she has tales of personal experiences. Her challenges and successes which are always ongoing, and she'll be sharing with you without reserve. - Olusegun Idowu


  1. Happy birthday. May the years ahead be blessed. Enjoy your day

  2. Happy Birthday sis, you sure rock in your 40s, may all your heart desires be fulfilled IJN. Have a blast.

  3. Awesome piece!

    Happy Birthday Jibike. God bless you this new year and beyond. I say amen to all the prayers heaped on you in this wonderful message by Sy Val.

    Lots of love from sunny Lagos.

  4. Olusegun Tolulope Idowu

    Welcome to the big 40s. Pray the years ahead are much more memorable than those gone by. Happy Birthday

  5. Happy Birthday!!!

  6. Jibzzzzz , happy birthday dear.
    Wish you more success , divine favour and endless blessings.
    Have a fantastic time , it’s just the beginning , They ain’t seen n’thing 😜👍🏿
    Love to the girls.
    God bless.

  7. Happy Birthday. May you experience greater success in years to come, and may you know joy and laughter all year round IJN. Happy birthday Ajibike.

  8. Omo O e e pe dagba. 2ce. Kekere jojolo ma gbe t’emi. Omo O e e pe dagba . Ibukun Happy Birthday to you. 2ce Happy Birthday to you Ibukun. Happy Birthday to you. Hip Hip Hip , Hurray!!!,Hip. Hip Hip , Hurray!!! Hip Hip hip,!!!.Olojo Ibi. ijo Kan e o. Se were. Ko dawa l’ohun.

  9. Dr Moses Ayo Adebimpe

    Happy birthday to a wonderful lady. I wish you many more years in great health, wealth, and happiness.

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