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All Dis Copying You Are Catting, Dia Is Godu ooooo!

You wear the most up-to-date outfits and show off on Social media You prove to people you are “on point” whatever part of the world you live in, yet your parents are suffering in Nigeria……Every given opportunity they have to attend a party, they ask for “take-away” so as to afford the next meal. You are putting an automatic curse on ya head!

You attend parties and shows like no one’s business (you are right, it is no one’s business, but when your mama bothers me with “take-away” food it becomes my business). Aso-ebi na ya part-time hobby, yet, you can’t afford to buy a single swiss voile for ya mama. Na so-so Chinko lace you dey send the poor woman whenever you send, and you think it’s cool! It ain’t cool ooooo. SMH.

You put logo for head asking for respect from others……biko, start with respecting yourself by taking care of your parents and allowing your spouse take care of theirs! Respect is EARNED in MY dictionary.

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Photo Credit: Google

Then, for those of you that live in “Me Rent”, yet spend money generations before you haven’t smelt before on birthday parties for yasef or hubbies just to prove something to the world, heheheheheeee! People no go kill me. My advice: land cheap for 9ja if you nefa buy one! And if you don buy one, use the money to put blocks together and build something for ya future! Most of those you wan prove to, no go drink gari with una oooo 🙂 🙂 If na to do competition as 40th birthday parties don be competition these days, contact me, I go give una the name of someone to compete with! I go share pics with you sef make you copy wella! Her party na 1st class…….BUT her parents no suffer for 9ja ooo, and she no live for Me Rent for obodo oyinbo. She no squeeze face take the money sef, and she no take loan or ask friends to contribute to make it happen, and she no overcharge on aso-ebi! She could, and still can afford it! I pity una.

Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

You dey spend money on nice phones, isp and data plans but the old people when bring una and una spouse to dis world, you no dey call regularly, your children go do worse to you in Jesus mighty name oooo. Amen! Karma is waiting to knock on ya door! I trust karma 🙂

Someone do this, I go do am or do better! Chai! Chai!! Chai!!!

All dis copying you are catting,

To prove wetin when ya parents are sufarin?

You sef dey live for me-rent dey compete with person whey get mortgage!
You dey drive fine car when ya mama and papa dey waka for 9ja!
Hmmmmmm!! Na big time curse for ya head! I pity una!
Diaris Godu oooo!!! Na VTI talk am! I no shy talk am oooo!


If you no take care of ya parents or let ya spouse take care of dias for ANY reason(s), na Baba God go punish una big time! AMEN!!

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