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An Irreplaceable Gem! MY Mum – Princess Stella Mojisola Olajide!

All I can do is update this article till it gets too long! Why? Just because I can’t rewrite certain history! Mummy, Happy Post Humous Birthday! November 18 is a day I always looked forward to even as a little child because it happens to be your birthday.

Then, miles apart, I always calculated midnight your time to call you and wish you a happy birthday, but unfortunately, the tunes changed over a year ago, when God decided you had mothered us enough.

I remember a friend telling me “don’t worry, with time, you will get over her death”, and I really felt like slapping her but I wondered maybe she knew what she was saying! Mummy, she did NOT! I still wish you are here, especially these past two months!

Watch over us mummy – ALWAYS! We miss you a LOT! Mass is constantly offered in your memory and I am trying to be a good mother to the three boys (LOL), and they are behaving themselves. We love you Sake! Sleep on “SM” but stay ever near.

A year already! Still feels like yesterday mummy! Why am I up right about the time you slept? Hmmmmm!!!

Miss you mummy. I miss our talks, our “secrets-sharing”, your laughter, the way you call “Siiisiii!” 😊 your wisdom, your cooking (I know bros Tunji misses that most!) 🙂 I miss your timely phone calls mummy. I miss your prayers the most, but I am glad you KNEW you were leaving, and you blessed me when we last spoke – a year ago, yesterday! You blessed all your children. You knew mummy!

Your faith in God was tested a LOT over the years, but you were ever steadfast. Even when I was scared you would give up on that faith some 24 years ago; you stood firm, accepted what most mothers found tough to accept and came out stronger.

I remember again, your phrase in your last year here on earth, even in pain mummy, you would still say: “AANU NI MO RI GBA! OORE OFE SHAA!” 🙂 Hmmmmm!!!

I miss just knowing I had you mummy! There was this assurance I had that all would be well once I spoke with “Sake”, and truly, all was always well! You had solutions to every of my concerns or issues! You slept with a LOT of my “secrets”. I knew that whatever I told you would stay with you and you had that assurance with me as well.

Again I say: No mother-daughter relationship could be better than ours “SM!” We were definitely peas in a pod.

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Thank you for your love!
Thank you for your unending prayers!
Thank you mummy for your wisdom Sake!
Thank you for your unflinching determination!
Thank you for being MY MOTHER and helping raise me!
Thank you for ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR ME since I was born!

Thank you for ALWAYS UNDERSTANDING ME WHEN NO ONE ELSE DID! You would say: “e je ki omo mi so t’enu e! Ti o ba ti so ti inu e, oti tan! Sugbon ti e o ba je ko so oro, ko le tan nile ooo! E je ki Sisi so oro to fe so! (Allow my daughter to speak her mind. Once she has let it all out, she will forget the issue! However, if you do not allow her talk, we will keep dragging this! Let Sisi speak her mind!) 🙂

Thank you for all those times when I ran to yours to escape the torture at home! 🙂

Thank you for being a true friend and sister to my biological mother, and I thank her for NOT being insecure of my relationship with you and encouraging it. I also thank my God-mother, aunty Fadeke Aderounmu for never getting jealous when I referred to you as my mum as well 🙂

Being raised by real and secure women is part of what formed me to whom I have become today – strong, loving, loyal, confident, resilient and a God-fearing woman.

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It has been tough accepting you are gone, but we, your children are doing okay.

I am glad we performed our duties to you till you took that last breath, even when it was not convenient for us. Definitely, you are smiling on us from above I am confident.

We thank all who were there for you and have also stood by us after you slept. Thank you all!

We will continue to make you proud Sake!
Your legacy speaks volumes “SM”!
You will be missed FOREVER. 😐
Sleep on my LOVE

Article below was written last year, July 19, 2016

Mummy Dearest, No, I Can’t Sleep!

Dear God,

Again, I have been dealt with a blow that hit way too hard! Once again, you have taken back someone VERY dear to me. As much as I know I am not supposed to question you, I really can’t but ask WHY You decided to take my mummy!

July 18th, 2016 – a black day for me. A day I will never forget. A day I will forever dread. A day you came and wrapped Your arms around one of my cherished and well-loved confidante and took her home with You.

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Many things do not make sense to me again. I can’t sleep! I can’t concentrate. Food has a sour taste and my tolerance level has become way too low. My mind is all over. I simply do NOT get it!

I know You have Your reasons God, but honestly, I still need her. The future is so bleak just knowing “Sake” has slept 🙁

One of the few people I could trust with my world, and be assured it is secure. One of the few people I knew always wanted the BEST for me and would go to whatever length to make sure I was okay. SM has slept! My mum has slept! 🙁

God, please take this pain away from me. Heal my brothers Bode, Tunji and Niran’s hearts. We are lost without mum. Life is not the same without her being around already; and it is not even 24 hours!

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Mummy dearest,

This is NOT how we planned it! You were supposed to wait for me “Sake!” We had plans. You promised me!

Had I known you were going away, I would not have dropped the phone yesterday. Had I known April 6, 2016 was the last time I would see you, last time I would cook for you, last time I would eat with you, the last time I would hug you and even take selfies with you, the last time I would wipe your tears, the last time I would pray with you physically, the last time I would make you laugh physically, I would have stayed longer in Nigeria mum!

I am hurting. This just does not make sense to me at all “SM” I can’t stop the tears, I really can’t!

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I wish someone will call and tell me it is a dream! I wish your nurse was right when she told me when I called, that “mummy is sleeping and they said we should not disturb her!” I wish my brother Tunji could say it is one of our jokes! I wish Archbishop Job was right when he told me not to hurry and come yesterday. I wish aunty Fadeke was right when she said not to break down! I wish I understood WHY you were praying for me yesterday – but you ALWAYS prayed for me; but I really wish I understood the undertones of your prayers. I wish I can sleep and wake from this dream! 🙁

Sake, WHY? I know you have gone to rest but I need you here. I had plans with you. AbbaModupe was even looking forward to some weeks with Grandma Olajide! Your sake had a list of recipes of green smoothies she would make and you would both drink together. We will never get that chance 🙁

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Nigeria seems funny to me now. It will be very different without my mum. I had hopes – high hopes, knowing you would be there. The thought of even coming home and not seeing you is scary. The thought of not being able to call whenever I have unsettling thoughts I could share with you and feel better makes it worse.

You truly understood me, even more than my “surrogate” (biological mother). You allowed me to grow. You gave me a voice. You always listened to my fears and always had the right words to calm such fears as needed. You never cringed when I made mistakes, instead, you would redirect me lovingly and life continued. You always shared your deepest thoughts with me – you knew you could tell me ANYTHING since when I was little. You never relented in your prayers for me mummy.

You were a MOTHER in every sense of the word. We were a match made in Heaven. You would say to me: “Mi o bi omo obirin, sugbon, Olorun fun mi ni omo obirin – iwo ni omo obirin to Olorun fi ke mi Sisi (I did not give birth to a daughter, but God gave me a daughter – you are the daughter God gifted me Sisi). WE JUST HAD IT! NO MOTHER-DAUGHTER RELATIONSHIP COULD BE BETTER THAN OURS.

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I remember some 23 years ago….hmmmmm! Mummy, we sat and kept vigil together. One night, you asked me if you would survive “it”; and even though I was way younger, I told you that you would! You did mummy. I guess I always believed you would survive anything!

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Mummy, this is NOT easy for any of us. Your SAKE broke down this morning and has had episodes all day. Your THREE MEN are distraught, I simply do not get it! We are NOT okay mummy. I can’t lie! WE ARE NOT! Life can’t be the same without you.

As much as I hurt mummy, I am happy for ONE thing! You loved God and He loved you, thus surrounding you with loved ones till you took your last breath. He gave you uncountable grace. He fulfilled your deepest desire toward the end mummy, and I am glad. I told you in April not to worry, and I am thankful God compensated you toward the end and you slept well. I still miss you though! I still wish you are still around mummy.

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Like your Sake said today, you were a LIVING SAINT. You put others before and above yourself. You always had the right words. You were a gentle soul.

Mummy, thank you for EVERYTHING you did for me.

Thank you for helping raise me.

Thank you for ALWAYS believing in me.

Thank you for all what you sent to me even with a short notice, since when I was in College, and even some weeks ago. I could never repay you as much as I did my daughter-duties.

Thank you for loving me even when I was unlovable mummy.


Thank you for being YOU “sake”.

Thank you for caring, for your kindness and immeasurable patience.

Thank you mummy for the million hugs, unfailing prayers, unlimited phone calls, and always sending me home with something. Till you took your last breath, you spoilt me, and I am incredibly grateful mummy.

Thank you mummy for putting up with my “know-it-all teenage years, my “grown” 20s, and of course my “super-grown” 30s; yet, through it all, thank you for loving me no matter what.

Thank you mummy for our endless conversations and for trusting me with your world.

Thank you mummy for ALWAYS being there.

I am glad I was able to express how I felt about you, to you when you were still on this side with us. I WILL LOVE YOU MUMMY – FOREVER!

Mummy, do not leave us. Watch over us your children from above and guard and guide us mummy. Stay very near. We still need you Sake!

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Till we meet to part no more mummy,

I will ALWAYS love you.

Your one and only daughter – Sisi.

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  1. The unquestionable God. He is sovereign . We give all glory to God who knows and sees all things. It is well sis.

    • josephine ngeleh

      My dearest sister, God will comfort u and every other she left behind, who are we to question His Authority…take heart sister mi, find solace in d fact that she is resting in peace in the bossom of the Almighty God

  2. So so sorry. 1 more reason to look forward to heaven. May her soul rest in peace.

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