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As Nature Settles Yet Again in the DFW Area of Texas…

I always do well when I follow my instincts, especially my motherly instincts!

As we turned around on Friday morning after dropping my son in school, and I saw the wintry streets, I looked over at my mother on the passenger’s side and said: “I have a feeling it would be a bad-weather day again. Maybe we should turn around and pick him back up from school!”

We had been iced-in on Monday and Tuesday with most businesses and all schools in the Metropolis closed for both days, and seeing the icy windy road this morning just gave me the feeling. We however kept on towards home – he does not need to miss school, his school is always on top of things especially the weather, but would ONLY cancel school if it was necessary.

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Before leaving the house to pick my blessing up.

About two hours later, precisely at 9:39am, we received text-messages from his school: “Parent_Alert: SAS-Check email for school message.” I checked the email, and yours truly had a message from the School’s President, giving parents the option to pick our child/children up early and canceling all after-school and weekend Diocesan and School activities. I knew it! I said it! Working remotely this week, I decided to wait till after my first conference call of the day, till I got a phone call minutes later from the School, advising to get to the school as soon and safely as possible.


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We headed to the school, and a 9-mile drive took us approximately 1 hour and 12 minutes! There were lots of accidents on the 9-mile drive, but we made it safely to God’s glory. Picked him up, and continued on the long commute back home as the snow turned into ice! I looked at my son and said to him jokingly: “You know you are special! If we were driving to Houston, we would be half-way there!” He laughed and asked what time we left the house, and we told him. My son was wowed! Seriously, we would have been half-way to Houston based on the time we left the house because we were basically crawling.

Before I continue, yeah-yeah! It might NOT be a big deal to you on the East Coast, but it is to us here 🙂

Press the PLAY button to watch a video recorded below by yours-truly while at a stand-still crawl-driving as Weather took charge on Thursday morning in the DFW Area of Texas.

With the way cars were skidding, and lots of accidents on the road, I thanked God I did not have to travel for work this week and had the opportunity to pick my son up by myself in this weather.


 By mid-day, most businesses were closed, schools closed, flights delayed and cancelled. A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect until 6p.m Saturday, February 28, 2015.  

Temperatures are not expected to climb above freezing, which means the road conditions are not likely to get better either. Be safe as you move around if you have to. If you have no-where to go, this is a reason for some hot chocolate, hot apple-cider and cozy blanket-wraps.

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However, I have a question for the City and Counties Officials: Has it been considered after all these years, even though we have this unique weather an average of 3 days a year, that more crews need to be dispatched to the inner-cities to treat the roads and prevent all these accidents? We need more trucks/plows with magnesium chloride or the sand/salt mixture on the inner roads. If you think about it, it would do us all a lot of good you know? Lives would be saved, more money made by businesses not forced to close down, which means more taxes paid and more money would be saved as well by people involved in these accidents as well as from the long avoidable commutes.

Reporting with love from the comfort of my warm home 🙂

Yours Truly,


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  1. I’ve watch the biting effect of the snow storm across the West from the scorching effects of the Nigerian of the sub saharan sun and the attendant heat mostly humid and sticky from my location. Which do I prefer? I love the idea of a paid absence from work. But then I speak for me when I say “All I want is less to do, more time to do those things and indeed more pay for not getting them done!!!!”

  2. This is serious, is raining here yet l complained of no good weather but seeing this now l thanked God for the rain. I prefer the rain than this wintry weather.
    Do keep safe.

  3. omg! Rotfl! Honestly, i know it is not funny to you but school closimg because of less than 2 inches of snow and icy roads? Wow! The traffic logjam, oga ooo! I need to move to Dallas ooo. I understamd sha, that as the city is not used to such conditions it might be difficult to cope with such conditions when it happens. I live in the mid west and that is mothing to us. I truly empathize with you. At least, you got home safe and aound even though it took you a long while. So we got to be grateful for that. Warm cider, hot chocolate and peppersoup will keep you warm.

    • Absolutely sis. My mum laughs too at the news of businesses closing because of this. We just aren’t used to it, and I am not about to embrace it either. I don’t know how you survive on your side of the Country.

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