Aunty Lizzy My Dearest……

Aunty Lizzy my dearest,

For once in my life with you, words have failed me! For once, I can’t even blackmail you to do something for yourself! For once aunty, I try to hold myself together for you! I NEVER thought this time would ever be experienced aunty, but again, they say we can’t question God!

Aunty, I personally know how much you love your children – both biological and adopted. I know the extent you go for us all, so we are okay even if it means giving up your last penny. I know how you have left the comfort of your car and gotten on an okada, trekked, just for us your children aunty. I know, so, I feel your pain, especially today when Chuba’s body will be committed to mother-earth! 🙁

Rest in Peace lil bro.

Rest in Peace lil bro.

The truth is, I have TRIED NOT to write about Chuba. I have purposely NOT posted anything about him on Social Media, hoping that will help your healing process; but I have accepted the fact that ONLY GOD can, and will heal you aunty.

Yes, Chuba was Chuba! He was a son every woman would pray to God to have. Very caring, compassionate, intelligent and of course handsome! I will for one, miss his phone calls interrupting my quality times with you when I come home, or you telling him on your other line you will call him back, that you are on the phone with me; or if you knew it couldn’t wait, say to me: “Val, aburo e lo npe yen, je ki npe e pada”. He loved you, you definitely loved him, BUT obviously God needs him now.


Photo Credit: Rev. Fr. Patrick Ojedeji

Aunty mi, take consolation again in his last moments on this side. As much as NO MOTHER wants to witness the passing of a child, I still ask you thank God for that opportunity of questions answered, and not of too many “maybes!” There is a lesson in that experience, and God will bring it to light soon aunty.

I know nothing makes sense to you now aunty. I know, not only don’t you understand the ramblings of people, you really care less about it all. I know right now, you simply don’t get it aunty. Why would your life’s movie shift reels without warning? Why are you being forced to watch a movie play on a screen that can’t hold it? Hmmmm! Unfortunately aunty mi, for ONCE in our relationship, I do NOT have any neat-and-tidy road map. I do NOT have answers. I do NOT have a way to right a world that is completely tilted, completely wrong! I do NOT aunty, and that hurts me too!

But! I have some things aunty! I have LOVE, I have PRAYERS, I have FAITH that you will laugh again aunty. I believe God will do it sooner than you imagine. You will live through this tragedy as much as you don’t feel like. Aunty, I do NOT want you to feel you have nothing to live for, because you do. Be rest assured that a sense of purpose and meaning will return to you and you will laugh again.

Can't wait to have you back like this aunty.

Can’t wait to have you back like this aunty.

Open yourself to positive energy like you always did. Accept help from loved ones, because it will help reduce your pains. Know WE are HERE for YOU aunty. Laugh when you feel like, cry OUT when the tears come. Do not open yourself to “human court” aunty. If it is easy, let them take theirs and send six feet down! TAKE ALL THE TIME YOU NEED TO GRIEF! Grief process for everyone is unique and different. However, while you are at it, PRAY ALWAYS as you used to do. If the prayers can’t seem to come, just say THANK YOU JESUS! We love you aunty.

Masses are constantly offered for Chuba’s soul aunty. We have surely gained yet another angel in Heaven.

Eternal rest grant unto Chuba O Lord! May Your perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. AMEN!

Adieu lil bro. WE love you, but God obviously needs you with Him. Sleep on my dearest.


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  1. May his soul rest in peace and may the broken hearts of those he left behind find healing and comfort by the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name. Amen.

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