Azzin Respect Yourself!

Azzin respect yourself please!

Do you really have to make a fool of yourself? Azzin……

On one of my recent trips to my darling Motherland – Nigeria; I experienced what till date still makes me SMH “azzin” shake my head¬† ūüôā

“Berra” get used to my recent use of “Naijanics” as I call my new trend of “azzins” etc. ūüôā

Well, sitting in the ASL Premium Lounge for Qatar Airways on my way to my lovely Asian Country of South Korea (I am a ONE WORLD babe);¬†I¬†stared at some people¬†in disbelief¬†as¬†they behaved like¬†obviously “na my first time, make I enjoy the opportunity!”….. Azzin, for real?

Now, if you are going to “shop for free”; do it with “common sense!” Oh! I forgot! Common sense isn’t common is it? Anyway, don’t go into places and make a fool of yourselves for crying out loud. The¬†cost of these items if you have to pay for them just isn’t worth the embarrassment…… If you care! Well, I care, because it is likes of these folks that make the Foreign Airlines as well as foreigners¬†classify Nigerians negatively, and make them treat us like animals; then, we complain!

If food¬†or drink item is¬†offered FREE of charge or should I say whenever a buffet service is available, as Yorubas will say: “man mi, easy na! Ma pa ara e! Ma se ara e le se!” (My man, take it easy and don’t kill yourself!) For real, the food or drinks are not going to grow legs! Please, for crying out loud, RESPECT YASEF!

Instead of loading your plate at once, you can always go back for more! No one is going to tax you for second, third, fourth if even hundredth helpings, but AGAIN, use common sense! Don’t eat or drink for tomorrow!

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Now, I had to take a picture of this “Not too gentle of a man!” With all he had in front of him, he was still staring at the bar! Now, how will the drink mixture of Coke, Red Wine and Heineken be in his system?

You can click here to read about etiquette when it’s “free for all”

I am sure you get the gist here! Please, please and please, this is ANNOYING in CAPS! Stop embarrassing yourself and stop embarrassing US! Daalu, Nagode, Ese, Thank You!!!

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