Can We Just Live Peacefully Regardless Of…..?

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Can We Just Live Peacefully Regardless Of…..?

Slept as early as 5:15pm yesterday evening after what I will call a tedious past three weeks for a good cause.

I was actually not planning to sleep off. I got back from running an errand and turned the fan on in my room since there was no electricity, and laid down for what was supposed to be a few minutes of rest, with the intention of going for evening Mass; when what I still call NEPA decided to be nice and the air condition came on, and the cool atmosphere, coupled with the fan took me to another level! Been in and out of sleep since about 8pm! For those that KNOW me well, three to four deep hours of sleep does me justice except I am of course VERY tired!

So, woke up a few minutes before 3am to pray my Divine Mercy Prayers, and got on Facebook after. While browsing my Facebook, I came across something I DETEST more that the word HATE itself! A post by Sahara Reporters! It is not the fact that Sahara Reporters posted it – because I have absolutely nothing against Sahara Reporters as much as I avoid reading or listening to news in general. My issue is with the message the article itself is portraying. The act people are presumably planning against other humans.

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Why can’t we all just get along? Why?

See, I was raised NOT to discriminate. I was raised that I was not better than anyone no matter the colour of their skin, language they speak, or class and status they happen to find themselves in. I was raised that we are all the same. I am trying my best possible to raise my son this way; while letting him know that it is okay if people around him do not feel the same way, but he should never discriminate against anyone.

Growing up, some of my mother’s closest friends did not come from the same TRIBE as we are from. One is IGBO, and another is from Akwa Ibom/Calabar. We ate together, played together, went to school together and a lot of other things. I even had sleep-overs just because the love was and is still real. Till date, my aunty Nene Usoroh’s “Epankwuko” is still the BEST! Send me a private message about the meal 🙂

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Grown as I am now, I am proud to say my closest confidant who I simply call my “aburo” is IGBO! Even my son knows that if anyone does not know what is going on, “mama’s aburo would know!” I do not even see the fact that he is NOT Yoruba; as much as his Yoruba words are to die for 🙂 This is someone that I know come rain, come shine, I can trust! This is someone who will tell me as it is even when the pill is hard to swallow and will go to the moon and back to know I am okay. I remember someone once asked me if I did not see any Yorubas around to adopt! That, was one of the few times I was reminded that he is not related to me by blood! Love it or hate it, he is my ABURO!

As many know, I did not get married to a Yoruba man! NO! I am NOT allergic to Yorubas! I love my people, but I DO NOT SEE ANY DIFFERENCE!! Do I regret getting married to an Idoma man? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I still say despite the ups and downs, despite his life being short-lived (May God continue to grant him eternal rest. AMEN); it was surely the BEST decision I ever made when it came to choosing a partner. It is not how far, but how well!

Apart from getting my tagless-possession from the union, I have the BEST FAMILY who accepts me and loves me and mine in totality. They do not see that I am YORUBA!!! All they see is I am a human being! I remember when we lost Adams and people were scared for my son and I being subject to the culture, and I assured everyone it would not happen, they thought I was a joker! To everyone’s amazement, my sisters (I don’t use the word “in-laws” for them) were the ones on the look-out for AbbaModupe and I. I did NOT experience a second of any culture that widows experience. I was very well protected, and still protected till date!

I have a LOT of close people who are not from my tribe. I have an adopted family of over 20 years who are IGBOS. Yes, I am the FIRST daughter in the Iheke’s family, and it is a known fact. This family took me in when I was alone in a far-away land with no real family around me. I have an adopted aunty who is not Yoruba. I don’t even know if aunty Lizzy is Calabar or Akwa Ibom – who cares anyway? Bottom line is she loves me and I love her! By the way aunty, I need some edikainkon soup oooo! 🙂 I have an adopted daughter and son who funnily are unrelated and are IGBOS! Interesting! I never thought of their tribes till now! Hmmmm!!

Now, as Nigerians, some of us are stupidly embarking on a lane of destruction. Yet, when we leave our comfort zones and travel across the oceans, we condemn citizens of other Countries discriminating against us! We condemn RACISM! For real? Why not let us begin from within?


A word, they say is enough for the wise! Iyaffsaidmyown!

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