Causes of Vaginal Odor You Should Know To Aviod

Main Causes Of Vaginal Odor

Vaginal odor will be a normal situation if it does not go with unhealthy symptoms such as headaches or menstrual pain, white discharge. However, when you feel uncomfortable with this odor or you have any doubt about infections, do not miss these signs because you probably get Candida or yeast infections. Of course, though vaginal odor is just a sign of some feminine diseases, but it can lower your self-confidence. Therefore, do not forget to find out the main causes of vaginal odor and prevent you from unsafe feelings.

1. Taking Medicine

Some medicines can cause vaginal odor. So pay attention to this reason and do not worry about this smell you have. Actually, this is a smell of medicines you took and this smell is released together with urine.

2. Cleansing The Vagina With Hot Water

Do not cleanse your vaginal area with hot water because warmness is a good environment for bacteria to develop.

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3. Using Soaps

Women should not use soaps to cleanse the vaginal area because some ingredients in soaps can increase women’s PH levels. This is a good condition which bacterium grows and this is a root cause of their vaginal odor.

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4. Wearing Underwear Too Tight

This is one of problems women make because they like wearing tight underwear in order to get fit their jeans. Remember that your underwear is also a good condition to increase higher body temperature than other body areas. And it causes your unnatural vaginal odor.

5. Eating A Lot Of Meats

Eating meat too much is also a common reason of your vaginal odor. Do not forget this cause and get worried about how you have this fishy odor and get worried about some feminine diseases.

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6. Having Unprotected Sex

Having unprotected sex can contribute the causes of vaginal odor. In fact, this is a good condition causing pH imbalance and abnormal vaginal odor. Besides, having unprotected sex also contributes some serious sexual diseases. Thus, you should not forget this cause.

7. Considering That Vaginal Odor Maybe Come From Him

You may forget this reason that contributes your vaginal odor. Actually, this smell comes from him and you get it during the sexual practices. Be careful because heavy vaginal odor can be a sign of sexual diseases. Identify the real causes of this odor soon to get rid of the worry and unsafe feelings.

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8. Using Wrong Vaginal Cleanser

Do you know that using wrong vaginal cleanser also causes your fishy odor? Actually, this smell is a sign of your vaginal pH imbalance. The bacteria reduce natural vaginal environment and cause vaginal discharge, irritation and pain.

9. Getting Vaginal Smell After Sex

Getting vaginal odor after sex is a normal situation. If you cleanse your vaginal area gently in the right way, you will not suffer this smell longer. As I mentioned above, do not use hot water to cleanse your vagina. Instead of that, you can clean this sensitive area with mild soap and warm water.


10. Getting Vaginal Odor In The Pregnancy

In this period of time, women’s body has many changes, includes changes of hormones. According to a report done by American scientists, there are 9 out of 10 women get unusual vaginal odor in their pregnancy. It’s a natural condition in the human body, so if you get the vaginal odor at this time, do not worry. Just pay attention to take care of yourself and cleanse this area in the right way or use safe cleanser to get rid of vaginal odor.

It is found that you will get stronger vaginal odor in your period. To get rid of this situation, do not eat meat and foods containing too much oil. In fact, these materials can cause terrible vaginal odor. This situation makes your mood get worse and lower your self-confidence.



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