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  1. This website is quite functional for people, lots to learn and share. Keep it up.

  2. Exactly my point, why is the 4 wives not staying together because there will be no peace. It is only the women involved that can say the truth. He may think he is doing what he is require to do but the women may thought otherwise. Is an individual decision. Like the scholar said “stick to one woman”. Some men have 4 wives and 10 concubines so is also being disciplined. I mean if they are one big happy family so be it. Yoruba says “obirin kan, wahala kan, obirin meji wahala meji” (1 woman 1 problem, 2 women, 2 problems).

    • LOL. I have heard of 6 women married to one man who are also friends. They do everything together. I give it to them though, but Jeeez! I would rather NOT be found dancing at that party 🙂

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