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(Exodus 3:13-20).

Celebration has become part of our life because it expresses our bond of unity as family, friends and well wishers. At such moments & celebrations, you will realize how much you are loved or hated by your friends.

We celebrate life, birthday, anniversary, ordination, profession, wedding, dedication, house warming, graduation, promotion, even death…!

One MAJOR REQUIREMENT to gather our LOVED ONES at such celebrations is INVITATION CARDS. In our digital world of today we have many choices: Social media, SMS, phone calls, email, whatsapp messages, Blackberry Messages, etc! At such invites, YOUR FRIENDS & LOVED ONES without being told, know they should bring GIFTS FOR THE CELEBRANT to express & deepen their bond of love.

Brethren, this morning in our Gospel reading, we have such INVITE FROM JESUS. He says: COME TO ME, ALL YOU WHO LABOUR AND ARE HEAVY LADEN, AND I WILL GIVE YOU REST. He knows us very well and knows our present predicaments. He understands that we are heavily ladened with anxiety, worry, troubles, difficulties of life, poverty, unemployment, failures, fears, etc! He knows too how much we are burdened with OUR OWN SINS.

And so, He invites us in His usual PITY & COMPASSIONATE MANNER BY SAYING: “COME.” Beloved in Christ, He says we should come to the Sacrament of Penance. Come to receive Him in the Holy Eucharist with the right dispositions. Come to visit Him in the Blessed Sacrament. Child of God, WILL YOU HONOUR HIS INVITATION OR NOT? HE NEEDS AN ANSWER FROM YOU (RSVP). Do not go to Him with any GIFTS, He needs them not! Rather, come so that you receive REST (Solutions to our wahalas). Come let Him turn your MESS to a MESSAGE OF GOOD NEWS, your TEST into TESTIMONY, your TRIALS into TRIUMPH. ARE U A VICTIM OF SICKNESS OR BARRENNESS, YOU WILL BECOME VICTORIOUS. Come to Him let ur DISGRACE turn to GRACE, all your sad STORIES turn to GLORIES, your SHAME to FAME, your SORROW to JOY, your TRIBULATIONS shall become your JUBILATIONS, your LABOURS shall become source of your FAVOURS, all your PAINS becoming your GAINS.

Brethren, I am on the way to honour Jesus’ invitation. ARE YOU COMING ALONG? Sing with me: I have decided to follow Jesus, I have decided to follow Jesus, I have decided to follow Jesus, NO turning back, NO turning back!

Good morning & God bless you!

About the Author: Rev. Fr. Francis Onugha is the Parish Priest of St. Lawrence Catholic Church, Lasokun, Apata, Ibadan in Nigeria. He is an avid preacher who passes God’s messages across with practical examples we see in our daily lives. He writes his Daily Chewing Stick to spread God’s word electronically to all.


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