(Exodus 11:10-12:14, Mt 12:1-8).

My Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, defines CRITICISM as the act of giving your opinion or judgment about the good and bad qualities of someone or something.

It is divided majorly into two: CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM (intended to help someone or something improve) & DESTRUCTIVE CRITICISM (sees nothing good in someone or something).

Brethren, have you ever been criticized before? HOW DID YOU TAKE IT? Have you criticized others before? DID YOU CARE ABOUT THEIR FEELINGS? Are you afraid of beginning or going into something because of being criticized? Remember: NO VENTURE, NO GAIN IS MADE!

Do you know that through out His Public Ministry, JESUS WAS CRITICIZED BY THE PHARISEES? For what was He criticized? NEARLY EVERYTHING! For having friend who were sinners, for allowing a sinful woman anoint His feet, for eating and drinking with “sinners”, for forgiving an adulteress, for breaking the Sabbath law to heal the sick, for blaspheming and calling Himself the Son of God, TODAY IN THE GOSPEL FOR LETTING HIS HUNGRY DISCIPLES PICK CORN ON SABBATH TO EAT.

Beloved in Christ, rather than being DISCOURAGED AND WEIGHED DOWN BY THEIR DESTRUCTIVE CRITICISM WHEN HIS ATTENTION WAS DRAWN TO IT, Jesus said: “Every plant not planted by my heavenly Father will be uprooted…” Like Jesus, let us not be DISCOURAGED, bearing in mind that: HE WHO WISHES TO PLEASE EVERYONE BEFORE GOING TO BED, WILL END UP NOT SLEEPING. This reminds me of my Homily at the Thanksgiving Mass after Ordination of Fr. Anthony Ugbome BVM at Mokola Parish where I said: FOLLOW UR HEART WHICH IS THE HEART OF JESUS. NO MATTER WHAT U SAY OR DO, PEOPLE WILL COMPLAIN. Some will bless you and some will pity you. If you are too handsome and flashy and wear fine Chasuble and shoes, some will complain you are spending the Church collection. If you are very ugly, some will even leave the Church for you and go else where. The poor will be angry if you identify with the rich and call you a capitalist. The rich will feel insulted if you devote your time to the poor. If you are always in the Chapel praying, they will call you a Monk who does not go out, you are not a priest of the 21st century. And when you go out, happy & enjoy life, visit the Mall, Shoprite, buy suya, they say you are too worldly and not a Church man. If u preach for 40 minutes, is too long, what will u preach next Sunday. And if you preach for five minutes, Fr. did not prepare, he is distracted. If you preach vocally and move about, they say you have become a Pentecostal Pastor. And if you stay and preach calmly on the pulpit, they say your homily is dry and people are sleeping. If you carry a girl in your car, you like women too much. And if you zoom off, they remind you how much they contributed to buy that car on your ordination.


Good morning and thank God it’s Friday!


About the Author: Rev. Fr. Francis Onugha is the Parish Priest of St. Lawrence Catholic Church, Lasokun, Apata, Ibadan in Nigeria. He is an avid preacher who passes God’s messages across with practical examples we see in our daily lives. He writes his Daily Chewing Stick to spread God’s word electronically to all.



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