Dear Adams,…..


Today, July 1, 2017 makes FOUR YEARS I last heard your voice.

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Hmmmm! Little did I know that the over 6 hours of burning your call credit and my calling cards was to prepare me for what would change the world of a lot of people, especially AbbaModupe! Little did I know two days after, I would get the worst joke played on me that was infact a reality! I can still hear your friend and brother whom I stole from you and made MY brother, Niyi Shodunke tell me over and over “Val, you have to be strong. You have to hold yourself together! Ro ti AbbaModupe!” I can still hear our Lil sis Patience, crying and at the same time apologising and the echoes of her words: “Sister, I am sorry!” I can still see my mum entering my room, tears dropping, as much as she tried to hold them back, while locking the door to prevent AbbaModupe from knowing what had happened and at the same time trying to console me! Phones were jamming as everyone was trying to reach me. I do NOT pray for such a cloudy day EVER again! It was a day my strength was tested, and so many of such days have occurred after.

It was, and is still the rudest shock I have ever gotten in my life! The worst moment I have ever experienced as a mother, is relaying the unfortunate incident to our son. Again, NO MOTHER SHOULD EVER HAVE TO GO THROUGH THAT. I do NOT wish it on my worst enemy if I have any!

I promised myself two years ago that we will celebrate you without tears, but I have to confess, I just can’t hold the tears back this year. Hmmmmm!!! I am trying. Maybe because I am far from your split image, so there is no one I need to be strong for around me. Our sis Mary reached out to me this morning and pleaded I stay strong. I know she is trying to be herself. Adams, you have always given us a situation of “who is consoling who!”

It has definitely been four eventful years really, but in all, I thank God each time I think of you. Evidently, you have NEVER for once left our sides. Many times when I reach a dead-end (not our school hostel), 🙂 the road just opens wide, especially if it has to do with our son. I believe truly that “oku olomo ki sun!” You have proved it way too many times for us that you are watching over us.

July 1, 2013, our conversation was just NORMAL, until after you slept two days later! It was then, I knew you were preparing me for your departure. We planned both of our lives, we planned AbbaModupe’s life, especially his education. Yes, I still went ahead and changed his school as we had agreed then, as much as you were not allowed to fulfill your wish of sending his school fees a month later, but he attended the school and was never in need or want of anything. It was surely one of the best decisions made for him. Thank you Adamu ti o common. I am happy to tell you that he has moved on to High School now, in a school that would have been your choice, and in an environment we both agreed on. Mama and our sis Mary came all the way to go with him on his first day of school, and Mama was very happy and grateful with our choice and prayed on. I know by the special grace of God, all will end well and I shall have no regrets in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

AbbaModupe and his Grandmothers.

AbbaModupe, his cousins with his aunty Mary Unaji-Adams.

Our last conversation gave me strength. I go back to it each time I feel tired. O se modupe. You assured me of soo many things. I know you are looking down from Heaven and smiling. Adams, oku olomo ki nsun oooo. Ma gbagbe AbbaModupe. Watch over him as you have been doing. Continue to be his guardian angel. It really hasn’t  been easy for our siblings, myself, especially our mothers emotionally, but in all, we take consolation that you knew God. You saw Him before you slept, and that, we can’t put a price tab on. Watch over us all.

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Mummy and your siblings have been more than constant in our lives. They have really been supportive of AbbaModupe and I, and I can’t ask for a better bunch like I always told you.

The real folks whom we also spoke about four years ago have been constant, those you warned me against have truly shown themselves 😊 I just smile when I hear or experience things and I tell myself, Adams knew you! He knew those that would make claims 😃 Chai! He was right on the money 🙂

Adams, we are doing very well. It is definitely NOT how far, but how well!

Continue to rest in peace but stay near ALWAYS.

Love you loads Adamutiocommon.

Below was written last year, 2016.

Dear Adams,

It sure has been three years you slept!

Three eventful years I must say.

Three years filled with memorable happenings that draw us back to remembering you many-a-times.

Three years we last heard your “rora e” voice.

Three long years Adams, and so many tears; but I have learnt to be strong through it all and face my fears.

Three years I last heard your “used to be annoying chuckles” which I will pay every penny available to hear again!

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I am sure you will be glad to know that your son has taken over the chuckles; which is always timely! Yes! He chuckles at the things and moments you would have; and he obviously derives so much pleasure from “taunting me” as you used to. 🙂 Many times unknown to him, bittersweet tears drop from my eyes as I remember you. I am grateful to God for giving us an amazingly handsome and exceptional “young man” in AbbaModupe, who reminds us of you EVERY MOMENT.


“Adamu-ti-ko-common” as I fondly called you, for a while, I really prayed it was all a prank! How could it have been possible? Even seeing you lay lifeless but peaceful in the morgue as we paid our last respect to you in Abuja was tough! I tried waking you up, but bros Femi Odidere and Olutola kept pulling me back, while reminding me to be strong because of our son. Sometimes, I still hope one day you will show up somewhere, somehow! I want to thank you however, for always staying so near to us. We see your hand in many things, and I can not but say AbbaModupe, Motopeda!


Adams, being a mother is not an easy task by all standards. Then, having the unplanned responsibility to answer certain questions on HOW and WHY it happened from one’s child is definitely not fun. His questions have progressed since then, and at a stage, I did not know how to deal with it. Many times, I have had to reach out to Mary, John and Patience to come to my aid. Despite the fact we are all affected by your sudden departure, they have always put aside their hurt and stepped up to the responsibility, forgetting you were their brother. We miss you.

A lot has happened since we last spoke. Your last words to me on July 1, 2013 linger on Adams! Those words have given me hope, and sure helped me in many “I wish your father were here” moments! THANK YOU ADAMS! It has NOT been easy, but God has been there, and I know you have stayed very close too.


Your “rest” taught me a LOT Adams! It showed me how “genuine” people really are 🙂 When they show face, I just smile while letting go, and remember: “Adams was right on the money about this person!”


I learnt that souls that can’t talk back have the MOST “best friends” that no one in his family has heard of, and AFTER the short-lived “fame”, they disappear into thin air and move on to find another dead best friend! Hmmmm! Some “convenient stories” sprang up when some thought there was a bulk of money hidden somewhere! I smiled at their delusional state and just ignored.

Your son stumbled on one of such stories recently. Yes, I had to finally show him “those documents” way ahead of the age you and I agreed upon; and he looked at me with his UNAJI EYEBALLS, gave me a hug and said: “Mama, I know you could have responded to the stories with these, but you did not because of my dad and I. Thank you mama!”

Well, as long as the important people know the truth, it matters NOT to me, what the world thinks! Again, thank you Adams for July 1, 2013 and the years past!

College days.

College days.

Your IMMEDIATE family have been AMAZINGLY SUPPORTIVE to us till date. Our brothers and sisters have always been just a call or text away! You left us in wonderful hands. I am surely blessed.

Family is what we are.

Family is what we are.

Mama has been mama as usual. Even in her own pains, she has remained strong for AbbaModupe and I. I spoke to her yesterday, and she said to me after we spoke of our plans for your 3rd year memorial: “My Iron-Lady, God bless you very much my daughter. You shall not get tired in Jesus name. Thank you for taking care of AbbaModupe and for always remembering me.” 🙂 I just love that wonderful woman. Your passing broke her, but she is  learning to face her fears like we all are.


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It has NOT been easy for any of us, but God has remained God through it all. We bless His Holy Name.

Your last days sure testify to God’s amazing grace over your life. I still remember your conversation with my mum three weeks to July 3rd, 2013! Hmmmm! God surely understands WHY. As much as I know I am NOT supposed to question God, the human me can’t but ask WHY at times. Yes, I have my moments that I just feel tired, I just wish you were still around to rub heads with and make certain decisions, but I will like to tell you that we are doing very okay.

AbbaModupe is growing into an intelligent, handsome young man. I have to say our combo made the BEST baby 🙂 So far, God has helped me fulfil what you and I outlined on July 1st, 2013 up to this very moment for him, and I know that God will guard me all the way and I will not fall in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.


“AdamuCiroma” sun re ooo. I am at peace because I know you slept knowing Him. You passed on with peace and lots of love for me and mine in your heart. I would have preferred you gave obvious signs, not that it would have changed a thing between us, because I really couldn’t have asked for a better last moments with you, but at least, I would have been prepared – maybe not! 🙁


On Sunday July 3rd 2016, as we remember the 3rd year you were taken back by God; we will continue to hold on to all the divine testimonies and significance in the number 3. We will continue to claim the three blessings given in Numbers 6:23-26.

AbbaModupe says: “Three is a magic number in the Christian faith, and it relates to the mind, body, spirit/soul. I know dad’s mind, body, spirit/soul are with God.” Hmmmm!…. I believe it too.


May God continue to bless him. May he continue to grow in wisdom, knowledge, understanding and fear of the Most High. May all that bless him be blessed. May he not stumble. May he not fall. May he go places beyond human comprehension. May he achieve more than you and I. May monitoring forces go blind if they try to monitor his space. May he always be too relevant to be ignored. In Jesus Mighty Name I pray. Amen.

On “how” it really happened to you, God sees all 🙂 Death is surely a price we all have to pay. I pray that when the time comes, it meets us well. Amen.

We will always remember you constantly in prayers and offer Masses for you.

Requiescat in pace dear one.

Requiescat in pace dear one.

To all that have been CONSTANT, AbbaModupe and I thank you. We appreciate everything even if we do not say it often.

To all the Priests that offer Masses for his soul when we ask and without us asking, God bless you mightily. Amen.

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  1. May his soul continue to rest in perfect peace. Sis, strength and grace in Jesus name

  2. Olusegun Tolulope Idowu

    May his soul continue to rest in peace

  3. Shola Osibamowo

    Reading this really touched my heart and brought me to tears. Val, I pray that the Lord strengthen you and give you the grace you need each time you are at a crossroads. May Adams’ soul continue to rest peacefully in the bosom of the Lord. May God the father of the fatherless and the husband of the widow never leave nor forsake you and AbbaModupe. Love you! Shalom!

  4. Continue to rest in the boss on of the Lord, Adamu Unaji, my dear friend…

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