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Discovering The REAL Singer!

It’s one thing searching for a brother, it is yet another thing finding a brother, and yet, finding the kind of brother one wants is the main thing right?

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I found MY type of brother, and found MY type of Singer! However, there was more to be discovered!

The Brother was able to sing, but even though I knew that the Brother was a very experienced Singer; and that would require lots of effort from me to learn the rhythms, I was determined to stick to this new-found love of mine.

Of course, I got many reactions, some wondered WHY I wanted to settle with an OLD lover, but I sure knew how long it took me to get to this stage of my life, so I was not deterred by the negativity being passed around.

People will always talk right? It is part of the price one has to pay when climbing the stairs called life! I will not turn back! No, not after all what I went through in the past three years before finding MY Brother that could also be a Singer! Love requires a lot of understanding and patience and I was determined to give it all it takes!

After the “re-conditioning” and voice lessons, a discovery was made……………. MY Brother who could also Sing is a WOMAN!

I found myself in an unplanned homosexual relationship!

So, what next? More revelations to come!

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