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Eat to Live…

Have you experienced this?……

………..The inches keep extending, the weight keeps creeping in and you have tried almost everything, yet nothing seems to work.

You hook up with the search-media and search endlessly for the right guide to help you lose the inches, shed the weight and get in shape but every weight-loss idea that comes up in the search results seem to be speaking to some other people – the recommended diet is not only bland, but very boring.

The fitness ideas requires all sorts of amazing gears and time! This is not me, you say to yourself. I love my food with all it’s spices and I really do not have the time! Hmmmmm! Sounds familiar? We have been down that lane before so we understand the feeling 🙂

Courtesy TFAMZ :)
Courtesy TFAMZ 🙂

Let’s move away from the belief that weight gain is ‘an evidence of good living!’ We all know that is not true. Oh! You look good, you carry it so well. Your height hides it! For real? The fact is that many of us risk our lives every day because of our weight, no matter how good it looks on us or how well we carry it! Don’t get it twisted dearest, obesity can kill!

Research does show that quite a handful of life-threatening diseases like depression, arthritis, hernia, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and certain forms of cancer can all be directly linked to severe overweight. Please keep in mind that you do not have to be severely overweight to be prone to weight-related health problems.

Well, good news is, all your quest for knowledge of what to do has come to an end.  No matter how little and how much you want to lose, ‘Wellness & You’ is to the rescue. We are here to offer you insight on what works for us. Worried about giving up all your tasty food? Don’t be. We will show you how to tweak your recipes without sacrificing any of the good flavour.

Hang in here with us, feel free to comment and ask questions…..we will get there together 🙂




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