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Every Parent MUST Read and View This!!!

I can’t even remember what exactly I was doing online that I came across this video that stopped me in my tracks. As a parent, I hurriedly called my kids, and sat them down to watch.

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While watching, my 10-years old son kept shaking his head and exclaiming why the kids would even do such, and I stopped him in his tracks and said: “It can happen to ANYBODY, even YOU, GOD FORBID!” He looked at me, and tried justifying why it can’t happen to him. I smiled and used a real-life scenario for him. At that point, all he could say was “wow!” I went ahead and told him I would be setting up some mystery friends in his PARENTS-MONITORED game he and his classmates play, so he should watch out! My 21 years old daughter was shocked, and I looked her in the eyes and simply told her…… do NOT try “chilling” when you think we are asleep! Please, don’t! We all had a heart-to-heart conversation on the dangers in and of life in general, and how you should NOT even entertain or trust strangers, especially ONLINE – You NEVER can tell who is behind the screen.


Now, I am NOT one of those parents who 110% trust their kids are PERFECT! There are a lot of parents who do! Even in this video, some parents believed their children would not fall victim! Hmmmm! We can only teach them, talk to them often, and PRAY they do NOT fall victim with God’s special grace. As you will see in the video below, NO CHILD IS PERFECT! Yes, I turned out right to God’s glory and to my parents’ joy, but I was far from a perfect child……I am still NOT perfect, not even a perfect parent as much as I strive, and I claim NOT to be!

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Photo Credit: quotehd

Now, to parents that have teenagers under 16 on Social Media, I am short of words! Yes, Facebook says age 13, but with all that crop up on Facebook these days? Hmmmm!

Watch the video below and remember to take our poll.



What is the appropriate age for kids to use Social Media?


May our kids not fall prey by God’s special grace. AMEN.

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