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Five Months…..

Five months to go….

Yes! The number 5! My recent WhatsApp display picture sparked curiosity among my FFFs!

Many comments and questions. Some, of course as expected were just out of being nosy, while some genuinely wanted to know what exactly it is about. Many asked questions, which I did not answer, not because I was being rude; but because there was no need. Plus there were just too many asking questions. Never mind, five months is around the corner!

However, I was forced to respond to a fast-thinking Aquarian like myself who I will tag as KJ for the benefit of the article!

Funny, I did not even think of the exact date until she sent a message a few hours ago! Mixed feelings flooded my being for the first time since I heard the phrase: “Five months….!” Until KJ sent a message, I had not had the chance to calculate like she did! I was busy planning! Hmmmm!!! Interesting, is it not? Thanks again KJ! Yes! “Five months!”

Many funny comments. Some asked if I was getting married. Some even suggested colours (well, permit me to ask you wear BANANA YELLOW in “five months.”)

Some even asked if a baby was on the way! For real? Again, five months will tell! 🙂

Some asked about the “destination!” Again, you will find out in five months!

Some used the opportunity to tell me their innermost wishes and plans for 5 months time! Glad many still impose some confidence in me. Thank you!

However, one thing I noticed is that no one thought of “cleaning up just in case!” This makes me wonder? Why are people afraid of, and try to escape the REALITIES of life?

Hmmm!!! Just wondering! What if one had the opportunity to know the time and venue of such an unavoidable reality of life? What would you use those 5 months to do? This is thought provoking for me, and I have had to sit and do some reflections as well as thank God for the revelations of the past months.

I have had to reevaluate a lot of things – relationships especially. Now, I am throwing it to you – what if you have 5 months? What if your loved one has 5 months? What if the person you can’t stand has just 5 months? What will you use that opportunity of “knowing” to do? Make every effort to frustrate the person’s life? Make amends? Tell him/her you care less? Show him/her you are truly a friend? Genuinely wish them well? Be selfish? Be happy? Be sad? Then, if the time comes and the person is gone, what do you do? Be the town-crier? Be the best friend you were not during the last days? (Yes, the dead has the most best friends I am sure you know!) Own up to the world that you could have prevented the person from leaving but did nothing? I am just wondering. Search your minds….

This reminds me of an amazing young lady in her 30s that I met onboard a flight some years back. We started talking, and she told me she had less than a year to “clean up!” This lady made a positive impression on me that till date, I still remember her. She told me that when she got the prognosis, the first thing she did was reevaluate her life – especially her relationships. She told me she had to let go of a lot of people because for once, she realized that most people were just taking up space in her life! Hmmmmm!!! You only see them when the rainbow comes out because they hide during the storms! She decided to travel to places and complete what she had in her bucket list. She said: “I want to leave knowing I made myself happy!” I am sure she did!

Of course, I not only learned a lot from the lady, but I made sure I implemented a lot in my own life. I tell you, I live one day at a time and I am very fulfilled.

It is quite interesting how people get fascinated about the happenings in the lives of others though, but never think deeper than one would expect!

Whatever is going to happen in FIVE MONTHS, there are preparations and decisions to make! Good thing, Spring cleaning is in full gear around five months time. What if one decides to start Spring cleaning now?

To those still curious, stay tuned. Hopefully we will all be around in FIVE MONTHS to understand better!

However, while you wait and wonder about MY next 5 months, what will you use YOUR next FIVE MONTHS to do? It is never too late to create a bucket list! Food for thought.

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Do not forget, the colour in FIVE MONTHS is BANANA YELLOW!!!

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