...and home went the Legend!

Gone a year? Feels like forever but the pain feels like yesterday.

Daddy dearest,

A year ago, you were given back to the Lord in a very special way.

...and home went the Legend!

…and home went the Legend!

A grace so rare you were blessed with exactly a year today. You slept in the arms of your beautiful wife, my mum. Watch over her dad. She indeed is one of life’s blessings you had. “My wife” as you fondly referred to her. She was your pillar. No other woman could have stood the test of time with you like she did. You both had a love so rare, and I am indeed thankful to have been blessed by you both.


It has been an eventful year I must say. However, I have to tell you that even though I think you know – I have NOT needed you, but I have missed you. Yes! You told me I would not need you. Daddy, I have not! At first, I wondered “how we would manage without you.” As much as I prayed to God to take you, selfishly, I also prayed to Him not to! Yes, selfishly dad! I thought of how AbbaModupe would cope, I remember his words to you a week before you slept – “Granddad, please do not go. You know you are also my dad!” You promised him you would not go anywhere, and would always be with him – but God put you to sleep 8 months after Adams slept. Daddy, obviously you haven’t gone! We feel your presence every time! We see you around every day and I am really convinced that “oku olomo ki nsun!”

Dimples with dad in 2010

Dimples with dad in 2010

We haven’t needed you dad! We really haven’t! Your prayers were heard by God before you slept. I personally know that, and I thank you a lot for those last words. I miss you every day. Sometimes I hear the phone ring right at 7am and 3pm, and even though I know it is in my imagination, I wonder if you were still thinking of putting a call through to AbbaModupe. Yes, he definitely misses his twice daily calls dad. That, has been hard on him, and I am not sure he can ever get over that. He still cries each time we watch the video of your burial, but I know you are indeed watching over him. He sleeps like you most of the time, and all we can do is smile and thank God for the little signs as such that you are still very much around.


Sometimes I just have moments that I remember some things that you did and I find myself laughing alone! Daddy! Never a dull moment – in many ways I took after you. As long as you were convinced, you were good to go! You did not need anyone’s signature at the bottom of the page – you signed YOUR own NAME and moved on. Many hated your guts, but it did not deter you! That, is VERY ME!

My dad and I.

My dad and I.

My daddy! You were a man of integrity, a charming young man! You never demanded respect, you earned it! Sango, as I fondly called you, thank you for your love. Thank you for your timely words of wisdom. Thank you for our father-daughter fights. Thank you for our many-a times “come-to-Jesus” talks – at least I can boldly say we had a REAL relationship. My “Sango!” I miss our father-daughter fights – those were the only times you refused to accept I took after you especially when mum reminded you: “Iwo lo fi agidi jo!” meaning…… “She got her stubbornness from you! “

Thank you daddy for instilling in me to always stand up for what is just and what I believe in regardless of the consequences. They have indeed shaped me into who and what I am today. Thank you for teaching me to be content with the fruit of my labor and NEVER compare myself to others.


Thank you for teaching me never to take what isn’t mine – that, has given me a kind of peace no material thing can be compared to, and I know you are indeed smiling down from Heaven.




Wonderful men of God during dad’s funeral Mass at St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Ibadan.

My star, my hero, my warrior. The most techie “young at heart man” I have ever met.” Emmanuel Olutayo Adesola Ibirogba, till we meet to part no more, sleep on dearest. We love you loads, but obviously God loves you more. Adieu!

Click “play” below to watch as my darlings – uncle Dejumo Lewis and bros Femi “Odidere Maria” Adeojo sing their tribute to dad.

To all those that have been constant with/to me and mine since he slept, I say thank you. I appreciate all your love. I appreciate the fact that you are there even after he is no more. Thank you all.


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  1. Sy Val. .This is an awesome piece and I am sure dad is still proud of you even in death. May his good soul continue to rest in peace while God keeps watch over you all and mum. Be strong sis, sorrow not for he ran a good race and in a better place. Eyin won a da o. Omo rere agbeyin Eyin na. Love you loads . .

  2. May his lovely soul continue to rest in the bosom of his lovely Father

  3. Thank God for His grace on all of you. Just like yesterday; but yes, a full year gone. May his soul continue to rest in peace. May the Lord continue to strengthen your family. Thank you for your love & care for mom. A woman with a good heart, I appreciate all she did when my father passed to glory. God bless all of you!

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