Gracious God!

Gracious God! Ash Wednesday decided to fall on Valentine’s Day this Year. What a Coincidence?

My son told me on Sunday, he said: “Mama, do you know Wednesday is 3-in-1?” I asked what he meant. He replied: “Three special things occur on February 14th this Year – it is Ash Wednesday, it is Valentine’s Day, and it is also your birthday!” I smiled, because my number one person feels my birthday is a special day. Thank you baby. You know mama loves you much, and you are my FOREVER Valentine darling. Thank you for being the most considerate child I have ever met. I bless God every moment for the special gift of you.

I have not written that much in recent times due to circumstances beyond my control. Well, I thought I would stop by today and drop some lines. It is my birthday right? A very special 3-in-1 for that matter 🙂

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I have to send Praises up to God for being a Covenant keeping God, For being MY “GGG” – Graciously Great God. Father, thank You for keeping me through the tornadoes of the past five months and more! Hmmmm! It can ONLY be you! Thank You for adding another magnificent year to my years. Thank You for being a Miracle-Working-God! Hmmmm!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Times have made me cling to some Psalms, and I am reeling in some for this special privilege to experience this and MORE moments by Your Grace.

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Psalm 105:1 called me and asked that I “Give thanks to the Lord, proclaim His Greatness; tell the nations what He has done.” I replied with Psalm 35:18 – “Then I will thank You in the assembly of Your people; I will praise You before them all.” WHY? Because Psalm 6:5 has made me realize that “In the world of the dead You are not remembered. No one can praise You there.” Hmmmm!!! Since I am in the world of the living, Father, I won’t get tired of praising Your Holy Name. Thank You Father. Psalm 98:1 now said to me: “O sing unto the Lord a new song; for He has done marvelous things; His right hand, and His Holy arm, has gotten Him the victory.”

Nathaniel Bassey got up and asked I sing along with him the Olowogbogboro Anthem!:

Ko soun t’oo le se God! Heaven and earth adore You Lord! Your outstretched arm has given me victory! Miracles, signs and wonders come from YOU! Testimonies just like that o! Words are not enough to tell all You’ve done! Eh! Olowogbogboro has turned things around, everywhere I look! Oh! Olowogbogboro has turned things around for MY good. Who would have thought Lord? That You would move this way God? You whose path NONE can trace, Oluwa mi, mighty are Your ways! You have done more than I want o! There is nothing more to say! Olowogbogboro has turned things around! YOU have turned things around for MY good!

Things have turned around for me, now I’m walking in victory!…….. Jesus turned it around for me just like that! He has given me victory! I will dance in the spirit and rejoice in Your name! from sunrise to sunset I will shout “Praise the Lord!” At the blast of the trumpet, let Your Praise fill the earth. Olowogbogboro! Great and mighty God – that is Your name!

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Eyin ni Arugbo ojo (Ancient of days), Olorun ti ko yi pada (Unchanging God), Ikan lana, loni ati lailai (Same yesterday, today and forever), Onibuore (God whose barn is full of blessing), Alewilese (He that can speak and act), Aleselewi (He that can act and speak), Olulana (The wonderful way maker), Asoromaye (He who prophesizes and ensures it happens); Onimajemu (Covenant keeping God), Olutoji mi (MY keeper), Atogbojule (Dependable God), Oba t’omu ‘banuje tan (King who puts an end to sorrow), Ogbeja k’eru o ba onija (God who fights for the defenseless), Jagun jagun ode Orun (The great warrior of Heaven), Aduro ti ni bi Akoni eleru (The ever faithful God), Oba t’omu iji dake roro (God who commands the storm, peace, be still!), Oludande (My deliverer), Olupamo ( My keeper), Olowogbogboro (God whose hand is outstretched), Olusegun, Ajasegun (The conqueror), Oba ti ntu won ka nibi ti won ti nda ina iro (He who cause confusion in the enemy’s camp), Alaanu (Merciful God), Oloore Ofe (The Gracious God), Olorun ife (The God of Love), Oba iye (The King of Resurrection), Atogbokanle (The reliable One), Oluwosan (The Healer), Oba ti emi gbogbo eniyan wa l’owo re (He who holds the keys to our existence), Olorun pi pe ( Perfect God), Oba ti ki nse eniyan (The King who is not human), Baba temi ( MY Father).

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I can go on and on with all You have done till Your Kingdom come! I just want to say AbbaModupe Motopeda tori Mo ri aanu gba, AbbaMosope!

To those that understand my WHY, special thanks to you for everything. In the storms, I was not carried away because of your steadfast love, support and prayers. Thank you!

It is not possible to mention all names, but I have to mention a few.

To an amazing mother like NO OTHER – super-intelligent, gracious, passionate, beautiful, loving, lovable, inspiring, resilient, independent, selfless, hard-working, cool, and lots more. You have ALWAYS been steadfast even when it was not convenient for you. I couldn’t have asked for a better ship to anchor me to this world.  I am blessed to be your daughter, and I know you know you are lucky to have me too. Hahahahahaaa!  May you continue to enjoy the fruits of your labor in good health of body, mind and soul mum. You shall not bury any of your offspring in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

Oya, thank you for raising me. I love who I have become as a woman: loving, strong, independent, selfless, industrious, self-sufficient, fearless, hard-working and lots more, all because of your training. You gave me the opportunity to be who I am. Thanks for always being there. God will continue to uphold you my darling darlingest. For all that you have been, for all that you are, for the person you are, for all that you have sacrificed and still sacrifice, for all that you stand for, I bless God, and I thank you. What kind of woman would choose to spend Valentine’s Day in labor? An extra-ordinary woman! I LOVE YOU Ma Mere!

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My ever young man, my daddy, my prayer warrior, my mentor – Archbishop Felix Alaba Adeosin Job, I honestly can NEVER repay all your fatherly love, support and care; but I pray for good health of body, mind and soul and all you need to continue to shepherd your flock. AMEN. YOU HAVE BEEN THERE AND NEVER LEFT MY SIDE FOR A SECOND EVEN WHEN IT WAS EASY TO LEAVE. Thank you for all the constant and timely calls. Thank you Baba mi owon.

Baba mi owon and I – VTI

My Godmum – Aunty Fadeke Aderounmu, I am short of words! THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS ROOTING OUT FOR ME and always there WHENEVER I need you. My mum couldn’t have made a better choice for me.

My mum Unaji, may God bless you for me. Again, I say God could not have given me a better mum #2. I love you mum. My mum Iheke, thank you mummy for taking me under your wings and never allowing the difference in tribes to hinder your good deeds even when many did not like it.


My daddy K.A.A, I am short of words! Thank you for allowing me to “impose” on you, but always reminding me: “you are not imposing, I am  your daddy!” I know your bosom friend will be smiling from the Heavens for you have indeed stood in the gap for him. You have truly shown me that “baba ku, baba ku!” God bless your old age sir.

Special thanks to my siblings for being there. My brothers Tunji, Supo, Bode, Charles, and Oliver thanks for who you are and what you do. My darling Sike, what can I say? My gistmate – Motola, thank you for allowing me to bother you even when I just needed to vent. May God bless you abundantly. Amen. OluwaSayemidotun, thanks for your love and care dearest one. My big cuz Nene – Sis Fumi, thank you for your love. God bless you loads. My Unaji sisters and John, thanks for your love and support. Again, absolutely NO REGRETS marrying into the family.

Bros ClemJob, thank you for everyday and every moment! Trying to think of a day you haven’t reached out even if it is just to say: “aburo, don’t breath too much ooo!” 🙂 Thanks for being there! God bless you, Tops and my babies. Amen. My fam – The Adesanyas, especially the one that understands me most – Aderonkemi, thank you for everytime. My sweetie – Chizobam and my cuties, thank you for all the love even when it was tough to love me. The Ademiluyis’ especially Dayo, thank you for everything. Very much appreciated. The Ogwus’ – thank you very much for your love and care. The messages and calls go a long way. I am appreciative. My “Mr. T aka Hajj Bello, thank you for everything lil bro. God bless you. My ever-there Hilary, thanks darling. My brother Sampson Okeiyi, I can’t thank you enough for all you are to me. My baby-girl Grace, God bless you darling for your beautiful soul. My aburo of life “Omolola Ibirogba-Sobitan”, love you loads. My black-men DadFeranmi and Mr. Segun, thank you for everything. My beautiful sis MosunMeg, thank you for putting yourself aside for me always. Your messages are always timely even if I am slow to respond sometimes. I love you loads. Darling Barbara, thank you for the laughs and prayers. Love you my best make-up artist. Bunmi Job, thanks sis for your love. I will eat my cake when next we see. Having cake today is not going to be the same but that God I have some frozen left 🙂

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My dear Betty and uncle Leye, Elovia and Niyi, thank you for understanding my moods and yet, not relenting. God bless you.

My siblings for life: Segs, Leke, Tola, Jibs and Tait, thank you for every time. God bless you beyond your imagination. Taiwo Sam-Akanbi, hmmm! Sis! You have always been a blessing! You are one of the reasons I thank God for experiencing OLASS! YettieIsmail and SeyiOluyole, thanks my loving sisters for never allowing me regret drinking from the same water at OLASS. God bless each and everyone of you and yours greatly. Amen.

To my special friend I simply call “A.E.A”, thank you for everything. I still have to give you credit even if you don’t want credit for we know what. God bless you Prof, and yes! I love my bag!

My amazing aunties Sade and Tayo, thank you mas’. Love you beyond words. My big sisters – Rev. Sr. Felicia and Rev. Sr. Julie, thank you for always. My uncle Akin Oteniya, thanks for accomodating my communication gap. My aunties Lizzy Akpan and Bimbo Odekunle, thank you for being YOU.

My big brothers Pastors Ipadeola, Adewale and my big sis Taiye aka BettyDudu, thank you for your love. For tolerating my naughty nature and just accepting it is in the blood. – I did not say you are naughty oooo, but you know nah! 🙂 Thank you! God bless you greatly.

Fr. Olaleye my dear “SD”, thank you for everything. For standing in the gap and always there when I need you and tolerating my moods even when you did not understand it, God bless you! My own “BroaEnga” – Fr. Augustine Abayomi, hmmmm! Thank you for your prayers, moral support, daily encouragement and unconditional love. My dad’s son Fr. Ojedeji aka “omo Pa Ibis”, thanks for being you. I appreciate you more than you know. My mum’s son Fr. Francis Onugha, thank you for everything – especially making me realize how strong I really am, and for always reminding me that all I need is God, for He is always there for us because He is not a human being and will never leave even if the world leaves! Words are not enough to express my thanks, but again, Thank you so much! Fr. Joe Monye, thank you for your check-ups and prayers. Really means a lot to me. Fr. Darlington, thank you for all your prayers and check-ups. I appreciate you. Fr. Felix Obialo, my “pink brother” ese modupe oooo. No be today nah! Na from my kekere. Yes, even when you didn’t tell me, birds chirped about daily Masses offered for me. God bless you my big brother. Omo Baa’mi, Fr. Adio, thank you for being you. God bless you always. My blood, omo wa ni ile Lewis, thanks for always bros Bayo. Love you loads Padre.

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Fr. Lawrence Ogunbanwo, hmmmm!!! You have ALWAYS been there. No matter the distance, you make sure you still keep in touch and have a way of making me let out things that disturb me even if I have decided not to discuss with anyone! Thank you so much. Only God can repay you for being CONSTANT.

My “protocol uncle” – Msgr Fadeyi, today is about US. Happy 36th Priestly Ordination Anniversary uncle mi. May God continue to guard and guide you all the days of your life. May you enjoy good health of body, mind and soul. Amen. I love you so much my dear uncle. Thank you for always being a text or call away.

To those that never left my side for a second despite me, you have shown me the definition of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. God bless you more than you expect.

To those that just breezed in to check and never came back, thank you, I learned from you too. God bless you mightily.

To those who realized roses have thorns, loved/love the roses but could/can not handle the thorns, hmmmm! Thanks a LOT. Only if you know what you did for me. Thank you and God bless.

It is all about thanks today said my dad – Baba Job, because God has indeed shown up again in my life. I bless His Holy Name.

My prayer for EVERYBODY who has ever thought of me for even a brief second is: may your thoughts, hopes, wishes and prayers for me and mine be accorded to you and yours a million fold in Jesus Mighty Name. AMEN. I wish you what you wish for me in Jesus Mighty Name. It has been signed in Heaven and on earth. God bless you all mightily. AMEN.

Do not forget today is Ash Wednesday, and let us endeavour to practice Lent all the days of our life and not just for 40 days. May God bless each and everyone of us. Amen.

Happy Valentine’s Day to You! Happy Birthday to ME and my TWIN SISTER – Fehintola Adedayo, who was born on same day, same ward, same hospital and we ended up in same Primary School. Yes! 40 plus has never looked this good!

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  1. Happy birthday my darling Aunty. Love you too much! 😘😘

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