Have You Found Your Life’s Purpose?

Let me start by asking how you are all doing. It has been a while I know. Nothing happened with and to me, life just got positively busy for me that 24 hours isn’t enough in a day…….It has never been enough for me anyway! I know! 🙂

To those that have checked on WHY they haven’t read from me in a while, THANK YOU! It actually is quite humbling to realize many appreciate me bombarding their space with my musings! To daddy Olanipekun, thank you sir for the nudge that even came with a date! God bless you sir 🙂

Yes! Life’s purpose! I wonder at times, what our purpose in this life is. I am sure many wonder same. Many come and go without finding their purpose, not because they did not have a purpose, but maybe because they never thought about it. Some might not have even cared, and some tried to find it and were not successful!

Have you ever asked yourself or being asked what your purpose in this world is? Yes, food for thought right? Well, I have found my purpose, and keep discovering more to His glory. No, I am not sharing any with you today because I really want you to sit and think:

“What is my life’s purpose?”

One hint though, if you are comfortable where you are today, you probably haven’t found your life’s purpose! Seriously! You need to get up and move! Get up and search for it! It might end up being a comfortable place as times goes on. However, when it becomes a comfortable spot, get up and move again! Find another spot – another purpose!

PhptoCredit: magicalwonderings.com

PhptoCredit: magicalwonderings.com

We all have more than ONE I tell you! Do NOT be scared of failing, do NOT be afraid of letting yourself and others down. It is a learning phase. Life is a learning phase itself isn’t it? Challenge yourself. Do something out of the ordinary. Dare to be bigger and better than yourself.

A warning though: In the search of your purpose, you might have to let go of some habits, some friends and even family members might fall by the way side, let them! Seriously! LET THEM!!!

Our life is a gift! It truly is! If you do not believe it, try to go to the hospital or even sit in a cemetery for ten minutes and you will be convinced!

Do not waste any second! Your purpose is awaiting your grand entrance 🙂

Need help on going about this important task? Reach out to the Birogs team and we will guide you for FREE!

May we all find our purpose in life! AMEN!

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Valentina is a self motivated mother who has always committed herself to the service of humanity. In her quest to help in this wise, she has tales of personal experiences. Her challenges and successes which are always ongoing, and she'll be sharing with you without reserve. - Olusegun Idowu

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  1. Hmm Real food for thoughts. Many of us easily get comfortable in one spot once we feel that better comfort of that spot but always fail to realize the ability to continue moving. God has better comfort zone for us but we never get there just because we stopped on the way once we feel what we think is a better spot or comfort zone.

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