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Homosexuality: Right or Wrong?


Do NOT crucify me YET! ūüôā


That being said, there is a lot of rave about people’s choice of sexual orientation. If you ask me, IT IS THEIR CHOICE, NOT MINE! And seriously, I can not be bothered as long as it is NOT brought to my door. I am “straight” as straight can be, and LOVE being a heterosexual! Need to say more?

Yes, I went digging AGAIN, and what I found is amazing! For those that do not know me, I was born into a family of generational Catholics that produced ordained Priests and a nun, went to Catholic schools from elementary through high school, have a very good father-daughter relationship with someone I hold in high esteem who happens to be a Catholic Archbishop and many Priests and nuns. So to say, I grew up in the Church, still rooted in the Church, and definitely know what the Church teaches on this topic; BUT! I have NEVER heard homosexuality dissected in this way till this morning! What I found is amazing thanks to Erica Williams Simon.

PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH AS I HAVE AND STILL DOING MINE. This article is in NO way to convince anyone to go either direction.

Watch the video below, and listen to the arguments of Matthew Vines

The video above does a really great job of explaining Matthew Vines’ own story and also contextualizing these Scriptures (because we all know that Scriptures out of context can cause misinterpretation at best and d-r-a-m-a at worst), so I encourage you to watch it – and then do some digging yourself!

But, for a quick overview, here are the six specific passages that he presents:

The Story of Sodom & Gomorrah (Genesis 19)

This story in Genesis 19 is probably the most popular passage used to condemn homosexuality. Here is how Vines explains it:

“God sends two angels disguised as men into the City of Sodom where the men of Sodom threatened to rape them. The angels blind the men, and God destroys the city. For centuries, this story was interpreted as God’s judgment on same-sex relations, but the only form of same-sex behavior described is a threatened gang rape. ”

So gang rape = not good (also not the same thing as homosexuality). But the recap of Sodom & Gomorrah found in Ezekial 16:49 highlights what Vines believes is the real point of the story:

“Now, this was the sin of your sister, Sodom. She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed, and unconcerned, they did not help the poor and needy.”

In other words, everyone using this story as evidence of the sin of homosexuality, might be missing the point entirely.

When God calls homosexuality an abomination
(Leviticus 18:22) (Leviticus 20:13)

Yep! We’ve all heard that Leviticus is where the Bible straight-up says that homosexual behavior is an abomination. And yes, it does. It also says that homosexuals should receive the death penalty (!!!). It also says the same thing about eating pork or shellfish, charging interest on loans, and a whole bunch of other restrictions that were a part of the Old Testament Law Code. But for Christians, the Old Testament doesn’t (dare I day “shouldn’t”) settle any issue because Romans 10:4 says that Christ is the end of the law. Which is probably why most Christians today eat meat, use credit cards, wear makeup, and support equality for women. Because as Hebrews 8:13 says, theold law is obsolete and aging.

When people turn away from God (Romans 1:26-27)

“Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones; in the same way, men committed shameful acts with other men and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.”


This is where Vines really digs in on the the cultural context angle. In Biblical times, same-sex behavior was primarily seen as happening between adult men and adolescent boys (masters and servants ‚ÄĒ yikes), via prostitution, and by men who were married to women. In all of those cases, we can see why it would have been viewed as sinful, excessive, lustful, and against God’s law. But he makes no mention of love, commitment, faithfulness, or the type of same-sex relationships that are at question in the debate around marriage. (By the way, Paul also says that men having long hair is “unnatural” and that women shouldn’t speak in church, so it’s clear Paul himself may have had some issues of his own.)

Uses of the Greek works “Malakoi” and “Arsenokoitai”
(1 Corinthians 6:9-10) (1 Timothy 1:10)

These words are included in the New Testament’s lists of people who will not inherit God’s kingdom. And there has been much debate over their original meaning. (Translating ancient words is hard, guys.) Some believe them to mean homosexuality and sodomy, whereas others have said that the closest modern translation would be “dirty old men.” Ha! Here’s how Vines explains it:

Many modern translators have rendered these terms as sweeping statements about gay people, but the concept of sexual orientation didn’t even exist in the ancient world. Yes, Paul did not take a positive view of same-sex relations (nor did he support women speaking in church…), but the context he was writing in is worlds apart from gay people in committed, monogamous relationships. The Bible never addresses the issues of sexual orientation or same-sex marriage, so there’s no reason why faithful Christians can’t support their gay brothers and sisters.


Fascinating, right?

SO, here comes the question: Take our poll….

Homosexuality: Right or Wrong?

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  1. Olusegun Tolulope Idowu

    Those are insightful arguments but I have always said and we all know in its physical Form the Bible as we know it isn’t exactly “complere”. The angle of selective adoption of Biblical concepts is also a major concern for me as a Christian. Those points made, I believe the act of homosexuality in whatever guise is unacceptable. Traditional believes the world over lay credence to the fact that these acts aren’t acceptable. Not even animals (so called lower animals) go so low nor do plants when they pollinate. To be socially correct therefore doesn’t mean muscling everyone into submission as to our believes and ways of life. Yes I agree I shouldn’t judge for I have found positions held by me at variance to that which ought to be over the years. That said, I ask “WHT are the proponents of gay right forcing it on everyone?”. It amounts to rape both mentally and socially to force these acts on me. Very soon cleptomanias will fight for their “RIGHT”.

    On a final note, so it is okay for MEN TO SLEEP WITH MEN AND WOMEN WOMEN? WHY IS IT UNLAWFUL FOR A MAN TO HAVE MORE THAN A WIFE IN MARRIAGE AND MAY BE A WOMAN MORE THAN A MAN? WHY FORCE A REVEREND GENTLEMAN TO JOIN TWO MEN/WOMEN IN “HOLY MATRIMONY?”. Do not judge least thou be judged and he who has no infraction should cast the first stone are easy to run to when indeed the Heterosexuals are judged and see the rights to choose withdrawn from them.

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