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How Clean Are You ?? Odor Check, Armpit Check, Hair Check, Breath Check – Have You Checked Your Engine Light Lately ?

I was out and about the other day and I ran into someone I respect deeply. Of course, as she hadn’t seen me in a while, she came over and hugged me. As she did that, I almost gagged! There was an acrid odor of food and stale sweat wafting off her. I was put off but as a respected elderly person, I could not really say anything to her about this.

So, first question today, what would you do? Would you tell her? Africans will understand why I am asking this question as we were taught to always hold our elders in high esteem irrespective of what they do.

Let me ask, do you smell yourself before going out? How do you smell? Nice, clean and fresh or…..?

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After that, some friends and I met for brunch and while we were talking, one of them said to another of us, your hair smells! That was awkward! Brunch became silent. As we all waited for the other lady’s reaction. She just laughed and said: “I know, I will wash it tonight!” So, why would you go out with your hair (braids, weave) smelling and not cover it up?

Next, your mouth nko? Does it attract or repel? Do you know when your mouth smells? You might know when people refuse to come close to talk to you or offer you breath mints when they come close to you.

Babes and even guys, what about the main thing? That hidden part of your body, does it smell clean? @tokstarr, has a blog (tokemoments) where she talked about this titled “Pineberry Vijay jay.” Ladies, you should check that video out.

Babes, how many times do you wear the same bra? Guys, do you repeat your underwear? These are things you shouldn’t do.



As single babes and guys, we have to be on point at all times. I have a colleague at work who is always talking with me about this. Any day, he believes I don’t dress to impress, I don’t hear the end of it. He keeps telling me that as a single babe, I just have to bring it all the time. I believe he has a point, and I try my best even on those days I feel I can’t be bothered. Do you have a friend who holds you accountable for how you look?

There is a common saying about “cleanliness being next to Godliness” which made me think, how clean are you?  Before going out, do you smell yourself to be sure you smell nice? If you have no sense of smell, you can ask someone in the house with you or a trusted friend to check. It’s better to do this than embarrass yourself when you go out. I know some people don’t know when they smell which is why it is good to ask someone who can give you true and honest feedback.

Quick question, how would you tell your friend if they had an issue with any, all or some other personal cleanliness matter?

Now, let’s bring it back to the real thing which is our relationship with God….

Are you clean? Are you claiming to be saved while living like an unbeliever? Do you say and do one thing in Church and another outside? How are you living your life? Sanctified Saint in Church and club devil outside? Holy pretender in Church and real unsaved outside? What about that your friend whom you know is living a lie? Can you talk with him/her? Are you scared it might cause a schism in your relationship? Would you see your sister/brother going into a fire and not do anything about it? I want answers, my friends. I need responses to enable me help some people and also maybe be helped by someone. Let me also ask, have you experienced any of the above? How did you react?

This year, we have to be real. The year is just starting and I know I have to work on myself as I go on my adventures this year. So, are you ready to start all over with me? Clean in body, clean in mind, of one accord with God?

Responses needed please. Thank you.


Vera Makam

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Vera is a Financial Service Professional who is passionate about serving God and living a good, well-adjusted life while believing God for His promise. She blogs to share her perspectives on dating, Christianity, and other issues that single women go through especially in the diaspora. As an African, a lot is expected when you get to a certain age and for those living abroad, she blogs to give a voice to some of "our" experiences as matured singles while encouraging us to be steadfast. She owns the blog:

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  1. nice write up. hw can we help those with any of these odours? remedies pls?

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