This is a question worth pondering over. Put whatever you are reading this on (phone, tablet, computer) aside for about two minutes and dwell on this question.

Last night, I was chatting with my dear cousin Olayemi, a few minutes before 9 p.m; and she asked me what I was doing up? So, I turned back the table to her side, and asked what she herself was doing up, and she replied me that she had just FIVE MINUTES to her bedtime! I made fun of the fact that she had an assigned “bed-time” and her response stopped me in my tracks for about three seconds. However, thinking about it, I think we all do need to have a routine. I know it could be tough at times, but seriously, if we could be strict with our kids’ bedtimes, then, we have no excuse not to structure ourselves. Let me blackmail you with “lead by example”. Easier said than done right? Well, read what Olayemi had to say and air your thoughts. She does it, except last night when I kept her chatting till 9:04pm, but off to bed she went!

“I beg, I need my beauty sleep. One thing I know is, if I don’t take care of myself and get enough rest, everything else can’t function…..I’m that important. Mothers spend all their energy in taking care of others and easily forget about themselves. Not realizing they are the most important piece of the puzzle….my bedtime is now.” – Olayemi.

Have you really thought about how important you are? You know, personally, I do realize my importance, but, I must confess that it did not quite hit home when it comes to “bedtime” till Layemi made this awakening statement.

Mothers, sisters, women, need our “me-time”. We do really need our “beauty-rest” don’t we?


My older sister was the first person that told me in 1996 that: “If you are not okay, you cannot take care of another person”. For years, I felt that statement was selfish, but in reality, it is NOT. Even the Airlines would tell you during safety demos: “In the event of a decompression, make sure you put on YOUR oxygen mask FIRST, before you assist ANOTHER person!” Yes! Even if you have a baby in your arms, follow the rules. There is a reason for it!

I have lived most of my years catering to others, who at the end of the day do not appreciate the sacrifices (another topic for another day). I did not know how to say NO when I honestly couldn’t do something. I would go out of my way to make sure others were okay, but in recent years, I started learning little by little, how to be SELFISH, focusing on ME and ALL THAT AFFECTS ME.

I recently bought a “fitness tracker,” and I must say, I have learnt quite a LOT of interesting things about myself in just about two weeks of owning it. It tells me how much sound sleep I have, how much light sleep, and even tracks when, and how many times I get up in the middle of the night amidst other things! Scary right? Yes, it’s like a GPS attached to me, but I tell you, I love me my new-found friend, thanks to “C” – my adventurous colleague.

Let us all try it for a week, and then we take another week, and another week, and yet another week. Pick a time that would give you a minimum of SEVEN HOURS each night. It does take 29 days or so to form a habit, I have heard.

According to my son, the CDC recommends 7-8 hours of sleep-time everyday for adults, and at least 10 hours for school-aged children. So, basically, you can time yourself to go to bed an hour after the kids, and wake up an hour before they do, to get your recommended dose. Not that of a task is it?

Here are guidelines to follow, researched by Dimples, from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Sleep Hygiene:

The promotion of regular sleep is known as sleep hygiene. Here are some simple sleep hygiene tips:

  • Go to bed at the same time each night, and rise at the same time each morning.
  • Sleep in a quiet, dark, and relaxing environment, which is neither too hot nor too cold.
  • Make your bed comfortable and use it only for sleeping and not for other activities, such as reading, watching TV, or listening to music.
  • Remove all TVs, computers, and other “gadgets” from the bedroom.
  • Avoid large meals before bedtime.

Think about it. Remember to share your thoughts below, and share our page with friends and family.

It’s doable! YOU can do it!




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  1. As a lady you can’t stop taking care of yourself , is really an everlasting act moreover as you do it improves your look that’s the secret everyone actually should know .

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