How do you celebrate a blessing? How do you acknowledge God’s greatness in your life? How do you say “thank you” to God for gifting you with a rare and unique gift in the form of a person? I am not sure, but I will try.

On October 27, 1940, this world was blessed with a baby girl. God was not selfish, and went ahead and gifted this epitome of goodness to the man that was my father, my daddy (R.I.P dad). This damsel of course is my mother, my mummy, my best friend, my son’s grandmother.

Today, she clocks 74 years on earth. I know you calculated it already.

You know, when I say “I am blessed;” this is the main reason. I sometimes wonder what I have done to deserve being her daughter.

Today, I celebrate her “From Within”.

I write yet another “open-letter” but the first “From Within” to her.


Mummy dearest,

I celebrate you today, and ALWAYS!

There are mothers, and there are MOTHERS. You are a very special, God-fearing woman and mother, who have not only impacted your own childrens’ lives, but also the lives of other kids. Finding a mother that can confidently wish another child all she wishes her own offspring (and not say an “unheard reversal prayer” is rare. You are such. I watch you, and ask God to make me half of what you are. I am VERY proud to be your daughter mummy.

For all that you have been, for all that you are, for the person you are, for all that you have sacrificed and still sacrifice, for all that you stand for, I bless God, and I thank you.

As you step into yet another new year, I ask God for His divine favour, abundant grace, exceeding mercies, everlasting joy, unconditional love, everlasting peace and above all, good health of body, mind, and soul.

You are a mother like NO OTHER – amazing, super-intelligent, gracious, passionate, beautiful, loving, lovable, inspiring, resilient, independent, selfless, hard-working, and lots more. You have ALWAYS been steadfast even when it was not convenient for you. This is a quick one wishing you the best of the best birthday mum. I couldn’t have asked for a better ship to anchor me to this world.  I am blessed to be your daughter, and I know you know you are lucky to have me too. Hahahahahaaa.  May you continue to enjoy the fruits of your labor in good health of body, mind and soul mum. May those that bless you be blessed in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

Mum, thank you for raising me. I love who I have become as a woman: loving, strong, independent, selfless, industrious, self-sufficient, fearless, hard-working and lots more, all because of your trainings. You gave me the opportunity to be who I am. Thanks for always being there. God will continue to uphold you darling darlingest.

For all that you have accomplished in your life, & for the ways in which you continue to inspire everyone that crosses your path, may this birthday be your happiest, & may you have many more, all of them in the best of health. We love you loads darling mum! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST MUM IN THE WWW 🙂

I LOVE YOU very much Ma Mere

I celebrate you, today and ALWAYS!



Your loving daughter,


About VTI©

Valentina is a self motivated mother who has always committed herself to the service of humanity. In her quest to help in this wise, she has tales of personal experiences. Her challenges and successes which are always ongoing, and she'll be sharing with you without reserve. - Olusegun Idowu


  1. Happy birthday ma, may God continue to grant you your heart desires IJN.Amen.

  2. Happy birthday Mum. You will live long to eat the fruits of your labor

  3. Is a gift to be blessed with such a mother, happy birthday ma, Igba odun, odun kan – wishing a perfect n sound health throughout the rest of your years on earth, eni siwaju e ma kehin eni kehin e maa siwaju (Ijebu dialect). Stay blessed ma!

  4. Happy birthday ma.May u live long in good health,joy,peace and prosperity! An amazing Mother,Grandma and wife! God bless u ma.

  5. HBD to my Dearest n Wonderful Aunt… Am blessed to hav u as my Aunt, u hav bin dere for me n my wonderful dad ur Big Broda.. We Love u somuch.. May u Live Long IJName n May all ur heartdesires b granted Ma… Love From ur Niece Memeko

  6. Hmmmm val God bless u for dis beautiful note to mummy. I may not have met her in person but all u have said about her shows in u. Happy birthday grand ma. God bless u and keep u strong in Jesus name.

  7. Happy Birthday ma, may God continue to bless you ma.

  8. You’ll always be appreciated forever Mum.

  9. Mum,you will celebrate many more years in good health and wealth IJMN.We love u grandma.

  10. Happy Birthday Mummy! Wishing you long life and prosperity! Igba odun odun kan. Oluwa a je ki e jeun omo pe. Enjoy your ma’am

  11. Mummy oh oh oh, e pe laiye. Mummy eh eh eh, e jeun omo. Eni ba ni ko ni ribe…….. Happy birthday ma! The Lord will continue to strengthen you. Stay blessed ma!

  12. Happy birthday ma, wishing you many more blessed years in good health IJMN.

  13. Happy Birthday ma. My one and only Dallas Grandma. May you continue to live to enjoy the fruits of your labour in good health and joy. May all your heart desires come to pass. Have a great day 🙂

  14. Happy birthday to my dearest mum, aunty and teacher! May God continue to keep, uphold and grant you happiness in every area. Have a blessed day Aunty and a year filled with pleasant surprises.

  15. Happy Birthday mommy!! May your Birthday be filled with many happy hours and your life with many happy Birthday. Luv you ma.

  16. Congrats Maama! Eveñ as your years increase, so shall you increase in health, wealth, favour, grace and every blessing God wills for you. Love always, your other daughter (whom Val is jealous of :/), EL x

  17. Happy birthday ma, may the Good Lord grant you long life, wisdom and strength to continue to guide us in Jesus name.Lots of love from Tinuke and the children.

  18. Oluwajuwa Ibirogba

    It is an awesome experience knowing you, Ma’m.
    And even more wonderful knowing you and Papa.

    Whilst entering young adulthood, most of us young folks felt we knew it all;
    (and of course, why should n’t we. After all, we are in the jet age).
    But now we can see your wisdom and care better, from hindsight; maybe we
    could have done it better, had we been more patient and understanding with you
    ‘old folks’ 🙂

    Nonetheless, we appreciate you Ma’m, and using you as a point of contact
    we appreciate all our elderly folks too.
    Thanks for being so patient with us young folks.
    Thanks for being there for us always.
    Thanks for doing the best possible, and
    Thanks for giving us an opportunity to be thankful, Ma.

    Happy Birthday, Grandma.
    May your joy be full and may we be there always not only to say but to show how much
    we care and appreciate your love for us, all these turbulent years.

    We love you, Ma’m. Love you, a bunches. 🙂


  19. Happy 74th Birthday to Parblo’s darling ‘Sister, and Olaoluwa’s special wife’…. 🙂 Mummy, I pray for many more years filled with undeserved grace, unlimited thanksgiving and spellbinding peace of mind for you. I also seize this opportunity to thank you for the love and genuine affection you continuously show us and ours. Thank you Mummy, isu omo a jina fun yin oh, gbogbo nkan to de n pa yin lerin ko ni lailai gba omije loju yin. Amin Jesu. Many kisses and hugs from me, Latunde, Olaoluwa, Kemi, Ranti, Tolu and Taiwo.

  20. Happy birthday Mummy! Wishing you many more in Jesus name. Have a blessed day and God bless.

  21. Happy birthday to u you mama long life and prosperity

  22. Mummy Ibirogba, I heartily rejoice with you on your 74th birthday. May God grant you good health of mind and body. Thanks for what you are to me/us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

  23. Busyg30@yahoo.com

    Happy Birthday ma! As your years are, so shall your strength be !

  24. This may be coming late.
    It takes a Special mother to birth a Special daughter.
    May God conftinue to prosper you spirit, soul and body.
    Happy Birthday Mummy

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