I made it to my PreTeen!

I Stand In Awe Of Your Mercies O Lord!

Looking back twelve years ago, I can’t but stand in awe of God’s amazing Greatness. Sometimes I wonder why He chose to give me such Grace that I did not, and still do not deserve. I wonder why He decided not to make this date, April 20th to be a day to celebrate my memory. I can wonder on, but I am thankful.

As the number 12 symbolizes God’s power, authority, perfection and completeness; we tap into the positivity of these symbols over our lives.

It has definitely been 12 exciting years. No, it has not been easy all through, but even with the trials, slips, falls and rises, I am forever grateful to God for His undeserving mercies over me and mine.

Father, I thank YOU! I exalt YOUR Holy Name, I give YOU ALL the Praise and adoration. For the fact that You not only spared me; You have been there for me ALL THE WAY, even when I was helpless and without, I magnify Your Holy Name. It’s not by my power, it is not by my might O Lord that I am here to witness this milestone, but Your special grace which I take for granted not. AbbaModupe Motopeda! You said it Lord, and as usual, You fulfilled Your promises over our lives. For not making my mother bury me, Father, be forever praised. For not rendering my son motherless at birth, I glorify Your Holy Name Forever.

AbbaModupe Motopeda Oluwagbemileke Oluwagbewaga Eyinojuoluwa Oluwadunmininu Ojumirire, Onaopemipo Ojukotimi Enitan Oluwanifemi Otaobayomi ObaOluwaloyomi, as you start your “T-Years” today, may you continue to grow in wisdom, knowledge, understanding, love for God and fear of Him. May you continue to have God’s peace, joy, contentment. As you always bring out the dimples on peoples’ face, may your own dimples continue to be deeper because you will always have the reason to smile in Jesus mighty name. AMEN.

My dearest son, what can I say? I love you very much. I am eternally grateful to God for gifting you to me. As He made you the BEST thing that happened to me since 2005 amongst all the turmoil, may He continue to give me reasons to be thankful to Him for you in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

Dimples at a day old.

You have ALWAYS been an understanding child since you were a baby. You make me to wonder WHY and IF I really deserve to have a child like you, but you know what my answer has always been? God knew I would need not only strength along the way, but a reason to continue, hence bringing you into my life, and I will forever cherish you Oko-Grandma. Eni eleni ko ni gba ise mi se ni agbara eje Jesu. Ni ojo ti isu omo ba jina tan, won ko ni duro iseju kankan funmi ni agbara eje Jesu. Amin.

To my mum, thank you for who you are. Thank you for ALL the sacrifice you have made since I stepped into your world. I remember twelve years ago when Dr. J.W told us that if he didn’t take him out, he would blame himself and lose his license and I was given the option to choose ONE between AbbaModupe and I if they could only make it to save ONE of us, even though he was not full-term; and I asked the doctor to save my child and let me go! I remember how you burst into tears pleading with him to save BOTH! You sat by me and held my hand as I went under, singing songs of praise to distract me from any bad thoughts till the fight to save my life began and you were asked to let go of my hand after they brought out the shocking almost “11lbs Mighty Igor” to the amazement of the doctors as pre-term as he was, so they could perform their best to save me.

Thanks mummy!

You were asked to let go, but you held me up to the Most High in prayers. No mother deserves to go through that, but your faith wavered not throughout the days that came whilst the fight continued, till God cleared me! I remember coming out of the deep sleep for what I was later told lasted almost three days and as weak as I was, I could faintly hear you pleading with God not to render you AbbaModupe’s caretaker! In tears, you were conversing with God to please spare my life. You never left my bedside for the nine scary days that followed, except when they needed you to leave the room so you could hold AbbaModupe since he was not allowed near me. Mummy, thank YOU!

Hmmmmmm! Ooro iya ni ara omo! Oluwa ti o je ke mo ibere mi, ko ni je ki e mo igbeyin mi ni agbara re. E o ni mo saare ikankan ninu awon omo ati omo omo yin ni agbara Oluwa. Agba yin atunbo kale ni oruko Jesu. Ounje omo ko ni kan ni enu yin. Enikeni to ba ni wipe e o ni jeun omo pelu ifokan bale, Oluwa a ba mi ran ni ise ni agbara eje Jesu. Amin. Enikeni to ba ni bawo ni tiyin se je ninu aiye awon omo yin, Olorun a gba l’enu. Amin. Oya, in my next world, I will remember to ask God for the opportunity to be your child again! I love you very much Ma Mere. I cannot thank you enough!

To my Mother-In-Love, Mummy Unaji, what can I say? THANK YOU MAMA. Many times I wonder how I got so lucky to be blessed with you, but again, all I can say is THANK YOU FATHER. Mama, you shall not cry over anyone of us ever again. You shall live the rest of your years in splendor, good health of body, mind and soul. Amen. You shall continue to enjoy the fruits of your labor over each and every one of us mama. Amen.

My Mother-In-Love and I

What Adams could not wait to do for you, AbbaModupe and his younger ones will do exceedingly more in Jesus mighty name. Amen. You shall live long enough to witness their achievements and success. Amen. Thank you for been there for us ALWAYS. Thank you for always standing in the gap for AbbaModupe and I, and for always been just a call away especially during these past four years. We love and appreciate you more than you know.

Adams, as much as we wish you are around today and everyday, I am thankful for your life. As short-lived as it was, you left a trace in both your personal and professional lives. I still say, Nigeria’s struggle for justice, fairness and civility will be incomplete without the mention of your name Adams. Thank you for always staying ever so near to us. Thank you for being our personal Patron Saint in Heaven. Thank you for watching over AbbaModupe and I always. Thank you for guiding us through Heathrow Airport in November when your son was about to make yet another milestone. Thank you for the revelation of last Saturday in Lagos. Adams, thank you! All what you could not achieve, your son AbbaModupe will achieve more in Jesus mighty name. He will make your name great Adams. May God continue to rest your soul. May He continue to grant you eternal rest. Amen. We love and miss you, but God loves you most. Adieu!

The Unaji Men.

My late dad, thank you for EVERYTHING you did for AbbaModupe. Thank you for teaching him how to tie his shoes. Neither you or Adams waited to show him how to knot his tie, but he sure picked your handiness and taught himself. He misses you daddy, and still talks about the workshop you both were to build the summer after you slept. Sango, thank you for watching over us constantly. Sleep on our dearest but stay ever near as always. We love you!

Grandpa Ibis

My amazing daddy, Archbishop Felix Alaba Adeosin Job. This article can’t be complete without mentioning you. Thank you for every moment Baba mi owon. Thank you for your counsel, love, support, wisdom and prayers. Thank you for being AbbaModupe’s grandfather and mentor. Thank you for never getting tired to attend to our needs. Thank you for being you! We can’t thank you enough. Agba yin a tun bo dale. You will continue to grow from strength to strength in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

BabIjebs and Dimples

AbbaModupe darling, you have been appointed by God to be a leader, you will always lead amongst men in Jesus name. What your father could not achieve in his lifetime, you will achieve more without much ado in Jesus mighty name. AMEN. Your life shall not be cut short AbbaModupe.

AbbaModupe, owo ti ogede ba gbe, ara re ni oma fi lu. Gbogbo ero ati ise ti owun ki omo araiye ro si e, bee ni a se ri fun won ati generations to come ni agbara Oluwa. Wa dagba, wa gbo, wa to ni agbara eje Jesu.

Photo Credit: Birogs

I have not gone into covenant with ANYONE or ANY SPIRIT over you or over your life AbbaModupe, God gave you to me willingly. Any weapon fashioned against you shall not only prosper, it shall go back to sender in Jesus mighty name. Amen. I come against ALL generational curses from ALL angles AbbaModupe. You shall fulfill destiny in Jesus mighty name. Anyone that tries any rubbish with you shall have himself/herself to blame, Amen. Anyone that asks or even wonders why you are so relevant will not be relevant in Jesus name. You shall excel. You shall succeed. The Holy Spirit shall be with you all the days of your life. You are covered by the precious Blood of Jesus. So shall it be in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

To everyone that has been there for us since day one and never left our side, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I cannot mention names because God knows I will leave some out unintentionally. My prayer for you all is that may God continue to be with you all the way. Amen.

I cannot but say THANK YOU JESUS FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME AND MINE. Father, You have been there all the way! Yes! You have! You have constantly shown Your presence through so many things – You had a way of telling me: “Precious daughter, I got this!” Thankfully I listened. Yes, there were trials, but You never allowed them to drown me. You gave me strength and renewed it over and over again. You said “NO” to some things, but followed your NO with: “my precious daughter, there is something GREATER in store for you” and You always fulfilled each promise. When the tears rolled, You gave me the strength in my weakness. When I felt I could not go on, You said: “ta ni o fe fi jo?” 🙂 In my darkest days, You shed Your light, yes, You did! O mine! I am eternally in Your mode my Father. Without You, there is no me Lord. I am sooooo complete in my incompleteness because of Your promises. Your everlasting love is tagless.

I made it to my PreTeen!

Hmmmmm!! Father, I give You praise. I give You all the adoration. I say again and again, thank You Father. You have ALWAYS been there for me and mine. You have always done more than what we expected. Haaaa! It can ONLY be YOU Father. For all the trials, tears, slips in the past 12 years, I say thank You Father! You always turned around and crowned them with success, laughter and NEVER allowed me to fall. Father, unto Your hands I entrust my whole being, I entrust my son, forever and ever. AMEN.


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  1. Odunaiya Temitope favour

    The Lord keep ur son, guide him, protect him and lead him aright in life. He shall fulfil destiny and be d best among his equals in d mighty name of Jesus. U will surely reap d fruit of ur labour over him in Jesus name. All ur efforts on him shall not go unrewarded in d mighty name of Jesus. Happy Birthday dearest son.

  2. Happy birthday sweets😘

  3. AbbaModupe! The man with great names! Happy birthday to you. I pray that you will continue to make your mum and loved ones happy and proud of who you are and who you will be.

    Fali, great testimony! Well done mum! 😍

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