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Is It True That Black Women Date The Rich White Men That Aren’t Attractive ??

So I was in a forum last weekend and this question came up which really heated things up within the guys and the ladies.

So here is the question-

Why is it that Black girls/women who are stunning and young often settle with the rich White men who tend to always be MORE OLDER and MORE UGLY.

He went further to state that

White/Asian women compete for the more youthful, physically attractive, and successful men where as Black girls/women are stuck with the older and not so handsome men – even if rich.


So do you think that more attractive black women aren’t capable of competing with other raced women when dating the younger, successful, hot men of other races?

When I really looked deep into this question and looked around a little bit. I couldn’t argue for or against. I decided to stay in the middle but what he says makes much sense.


This post is not about race or color neither is it about sexism. It’s just a generalized question based on reality check.


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