It Can Only Be God!

It can only be God!


Hmmmmmm!!! 20 balanced years and exceedingly thankful!!!

20 amazingly trying and beautiful years, and I am still standing! Infact, standing taller and better 👍
Father, it can ONLY be YOU!

I wouldn’t have made it without Your grace O Lord. Wow!

When I think of Your greatness, Your goodness, Your over-sufficient Grace, Your bountiful mercies and Your unwavering love, I can’t but say AbbaModupe Motopeda 👊

I am very thankful for so many people I have met on this journey – some have used me, some have taught me life-lessons, some have left when the roads developed pot-holes; yet, many have stayed through the storms and still here with and for me……. For each and everyone of you, I am thankful.

I am immensely grateful for the experiences both good and bad. I have grown and become ME through each and every experience. 👊

Father, I thank YOU again and again! I exalt Your Holy Name. I give YOU ALL the Praise and adoration. For the fact that You have not only spared me through some moments I never thought I would survive; You have been there for me ALL THE WAY, even when I was helpless and without! You had a way of telling me: “My Covenant and precious daughter, I got this!” Thankfully I believed and listened. Yes, there were trials, some I never thought I would survive, You took me through each and everyone, and never allowed me to drown. You gave me strength and renewed it over and over again. You said NO to many things that I felt I needed but You always followed Your NO with: “My jewel, here is something better, greater and more favorable in store for you!”

Photo Credit: brileigh12

Photo Credit: brileigh12

When betrayals came and times when tears rolled, You gave me strength in my weakness. When I felt I couldn’t go on, You said: “ta ni o fe fi Jo?” In my darkest days You shed Your light, yes, You did! O mine! I am eternally in Your mode my Father. I am so complete in my incompleteness because of Your tagless everlasting love.

Hmmmmmm! I magnify Your Holy Name. It definitely is not by my power O Lord; it is not by my might Babami that I am here breathing and standing firm to witness this day; but Your amazing Grace which I take for granted NOT. Oluwa ese. Metalokan mo wa dupe!

To my mum, thank you for who you are. For all the sacrifice made for me and mine since I stepped into your world, thank You!

You have witnessed and walked two major death alleys with me, you have been asked to let go that saving my life was a no-win situation, but you held me up to the Most High in prayers. Hmmmm! No mother deserves to go through that, but with faith you always reminded me that Mother Mary went through worse! I salute your unwavering faith mummy.


You shall not cry over any of your children mummy. Your remaining years on earth will be better and sweeter than years past. Ounje omo ko ni kan ni enu yin. Enikeni ti oba ni wipe e o ni jeun omo pelu ifokanbale, Oluwa a ba mi ran ni ise ni AGBARA eje Jesu. Amin.

Oya, in my next world, I will ask God for the opportunity to be anchored into this world by you again! I love you Ma Mere

AbbaModupe! What can I say? You are my reason for striving, for living. You have gone through it ALL with me. You have witnessed me in my helpless states. Thank you baby for learning to make that sandwich at the tender age of 3 and making that phone call that saved my life. You shall fulfill destiny in Jesus mighty name. Amen. Owo ti ogede ba gbe, ara e lo ma fi lu. Gbogbo ero ati ise ti owun ki omo araiye ro si e, bee ni a se ri fun won ati generations to come ni agbara Oluwa. Amin. Anyone that asks why are you so relevant will not be relevant in Jesus name. You shall excel, you shall succeed. The Holy Spirit shall abide with you all the days of your life. Amen. I LOVE YOU SON!

Love you Son!

Love you Son!

Baba mi owon, Archbishop Felix Alaba Adeosin Job, thank YOU for being CONSTANT through it all…….four decades and counting! You have always stood by me to counsel, rebuke, but love. Yes! Sometimes I needed some Tough Love and that is what you gave – you never left my side for a milli-second because that was the easy thing to do.

VTI with His Grace

VTI with His Grace

Thank you for confidently rejecting that prognosis and sticking by me all the way. Thank you for the many Novenas, Rosaries, Divine Mercy Prayers and Masses on my behalf. Thank you for everything!Hmmmmmm! They wonder why I can’t and won’t shift loyalty! To where, what and who I wonder! For why, I don’t get it! I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH YOUR GRACE

To all that have stood the test of time, and those that have boarded the train along the way and made positive impacts, GOD BLESS YOU. You know yourselves. I can’t mention names for fear of leaving out some names unintentionally. May God abide with you all the way. Amen.

I love and appreciate you all.

Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

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