Keeping it Real And Happy With Yourself

How to keep it real 

Keeping things in perspective and maintaining a balance in your life can be summed up by the phrase “keeping it real”. It is easy to get thrown off track of your goals, relationships, jobs,school, or whatever it might be. These steps will help you “keep it real”.

1.  Maintain a perspective on what really matters.

A lot of situations that you are confronted with during the day will offer you the option of sacrificing your integrity, your identity, or whatever it is for a temporary gain. Keep things in perspective and act accordingly.

2.   Stay true to your commitments.

So you told a couple of your friends you would hang out with them tonight. But then a girl calls you up and you decide to cancel on your friends and chill with the girl. That’s a bit out of order. If you told someone you would do something, do it. You will gain credibility within your social and work circles, and will probably maintain stronger and steadier relationships.

3.   Remember where you came from and stay true to your roots.

That isn’t to say that a person does not evolve over time. It just means that you need to remember your heritage and the experiences that have shaped the person you have become. There is nothing wrong with changing. Just don’t put an old life in a box and pretend like those things didn’t happen. They make up who you are.

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4.   Don’t lie or pretend.

Be who you really are and don’t try to alter yourself to appeal to someone else. People who keep it real are usually respected a lot more than people who pretend to be something they aren’t. It also helps your confidence to be who you are, rather than to constantly worry if people will find out you’re being fake. Try your best to always tell the truth. in the long run, things will end up a lot better if you tell the truth. The most common reasons people lie are to stay out of trouble, you will get in less trouble if you tell the truth, because people will respect the fact that you didn’t lie. It also helps to build a reputation, so if you are blamed for something that you didn’t do, and you tell them that you didn’t do it, they are more likely to believe you because you keep it real.

5.   Speak your mind.

When you have a problem with something or someone, let them know. However, do so in a mature and (if possible) kind way.

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