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Letter To My First Love.

Letter to my First Love…..

Dearest First Love,

It has been Three solid Years I last heard your voice and saw your face. Why did you have to leave me? I have missed you is an understatement, but I am okay. Our short time together showed and taught me so many things. I can not write my story without your name mentioned a zillion times. That, is a fact! As much as I know you had to leave me, sometimes, I wish you did not. I miss you my first love, I really do!

I am doing very well. Life has had it’s ups and downs as expected, but God has always shown up even when I did not expect Him to! The other day, someone told me it is very obvious your love for me still impacts me. Yes, it does! How wouldn’t it? You were a man of strength, a man of integrity, a no-nonsense man who called a spade a spade regardless of whoever is involved. You feared NO human being. You were so charitable you could give the last shirt off your back to another. These things I tapped from you, and it keeps me going.

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You were the first man that I ever loved. The first man to wipe my tears. Your strong arms were the first place that I felt very safe and protected. Your smile was the first male smile that made me know how loved, adorable and cherished I was and am. Your frown was the first that made me realize I had messed up! 🙂 I miss that frown, especially those times when the frown made me happy! Yes, those times when we had our fights and I felt a sense of victory! I truly miss you.

Daddy dearest, you are sorely missed, but we are all doing very well. Your “Modu” is ageing gracefully as much as she misses her “Tayo.”

Mum watching dad in his casket.

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Your Boys-2-Men are holding the fam for you, and your girls are okay. Your grandbabies obviously miss grand dad. They are all growing into amazing and blessed children that they are. They are our pride and joy.

AbbaModupe can’t stop talking about you and your adventures together. Oh! He is in High School now daddy, and his school house is named “Olutayo!” Yes, I still went ahead with our plan for his High School education daddy, and I know you are proud of my decision.

Dimples with dad in 2010

Can you believe it? Your “Mighty Igor” is almost as tall as your wife, and wears same size shoes as I do – you know what that means! 🙂 He has also developed the love for Lawn Tennis and makes me miss our days of going to Ibadan Tennis Club when I was about his age. I wish you were around to take him on a game. We miss you dad!

Thank you for being you! Thank you for your amazing life in my life. Thank you for being my first male-teacher. Thank you for teaching me how to change a car tire at the age of 7 years old. It sure comes in handy once in a while daddy, and many are alarmed I can change a tire as if it is a taboo for a lady to change tires! I look at them and proudly say: “I have been changing tires with my dad since I was 7 years old!”

My dad and I.

Thank you for teaching me how to place my tires on Nigerian terrible roads daddy. It still came in handy yesterday, and I smiled when I remembered the lessons.

Thank you for teaching me attending Holy Mass and praying to God always is important even when you were not a Christian, talk less of being a Catholic; and taking the extra mile to get my siblings and I to Church every time. It has come a very long way for me daddy.

You need to see what the small Mass Center you and my brothers built a shed in our backyard has become daddy. God blessed us with an amazing Priest who goes extra-extra miles to make sure the Church is a first class place of worship. In just two years of being made a Parish, God is definitely using Rev. Fr. Francis Onugha. I told him the other day I wish you were around to see the wonderful things God is using him to do.

If truly the dead see what happens on earth, I am sure you are smiling daddy. Your hard work for that tiny Mass Center that begun with just six families (Oyerinde, Adebisi, Oji, Peters, Attah and Ibirogba families) has been blessed. Another testimony to your teachings that hard work and charity pays, even if you don’t see the rewards immediately. Thank you daddy for the legacy you and mummy established. God will help us your children carry it on. Amen.

His Grace, Archbishop Felix Alaba Job and Priests at dad’s Funeral Mass.

Thank you! Thank you for teaching me to be fearless daddy. Thank you for teaching me so many things which has helped me grow into the woman of strength that I am today.

My dad and I

Sometimes I just have moments that I remember some things that you did and I find myself laughing alone! Daddy! Never a dull moment – in many ways I took after you. As long as you were convinced, you were good to go! You did not need anyone’s signature at the bottom of the page – you signed YOUR own NAME and moved on. Many hated your guts, but it did not deter you! That, is VERY ME! I learned from you that you can not please everyone, so, why not please yourself as long as it is in line with God? Thank you daddy!

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Sango darling, thank you for making your loving shoulder available to cry on when I got my fragile heart broken; and a hand to high-five me and celebrate the many times I achieved my dreams.

Selfie with my dad.

Thank you for advising me when I needed to negotiate a deal or take a leap of faith and always being there. I really miss those moments especially now. Your wisdom daddy, is still platinum to me.

Daddy, I do miss you! I miss a lot about you. I miss your strength, your wisdom, the way you saw beyond your nose and ears 🙂 I miss our father-daughter fights! 🙂 I miss the look on your face when we didn’t agree, and you would reiterate how stubborn I was and mummy would reply you: “iwo lo fi jo!” (She took after you!) 🙂 You know what though? It has brought me thus far and taking me to greater heights in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

There are falls and victories I wish you were around to witness, but I hold on to the memories and tap from what “daddy would have done’, which has given me a push many-a-times. Thank you daddy!

It is yet another March 8th Sango! Another year has been added to the day you decided to sleep and not wake up again. Yes! It is Three Years, it feels like forever, but the pain makes it feel like yesterday. I miss you daddy. No day has gone by without having to mention your name. You will NEVER be forgotten. There will be Mass offered all over for the repose of your soul today, and definitely at St. Lawrence Catholic Church, Lasokun, Ibadan where mum, mummy Unaji (yes, she is around, and has been ever constant daddy) and I will be in attendance by God’s special grace. Amen.

…and home went the Legend!


Emmanuel Olutayo Adesola Ibirogba, Omo Oba Jadiara, Omo Alare, Omo Obanta, sun re oo! Till we meet to part no more, sleep on my dearest, and STAY NEAR 🙂

1st Year Remembrance

2nd Year Remembrance


Your precious daughter,



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  1. Pray he continues to rest in the Lord’s bosom and the family he left behind keep growing in love as he would have loved. Reflections

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