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Who Wants To Luggie Go! I Am Definitely Sold!

Who wants to LuggieGo? I do!!! Yes! Let’s LuggieGo together because it is definitely the way to go, and absolutely the “in-thing” to do!

Whoever came up with this brilliant idea, definitely has earned not only my respect, but also gained a customer!

When I thought all hope to get things across the world in a jiffy without going through the hassle of searching and waiting for someone traveling, or a reliable shipper was lost, then I stumbled across this amazing website that offers just that! How excited am I? It can’t be more timely!

Just a few days ago, my son and I were discussing about the option of shopping on Amazon and having it sent directly to Nigeria, then we discovered that it is not an option that is available on everything listed on Amazon’s website that is eligible for International shipment. It was quite disappointing. So, you can understand why I am excited about this new “uber-cum-timeliness”.

Have you, like most people, searched unending for travelers you can send things through, or who can bring things for you? I can imagine many nodding! There has never been a time that I travel without excess luggage, and then, I have a host of people asking me to take things for them. See, I personally try not to send things through people because I know how tough it is for one to try and accommodate another’s package alongside one’s.

Good news! There is an end to that! Some genius have made life easy for us all with the uber of sending things globally.

I stumbled across this website and immediately bookmarked it.

You can send items through travelers by clicking on Find a Traveler On this page, you make some quick entries and search to find anyone traveling in your area to wherever you want to send the item and it brings the list out for you.

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Are you traveling anywhere in the world, and you are willing to take items with you for another for some cash to line your wallet? Check out the website and see what it has to offer. You also can click on Post a Trip. Very short and easy entries and you are set.

Why not sign up and let us know how it goes? Please share this with as many people as possible because I am sure there is someone out there who needs to send an item across the world.

In the “About Us” section, they define the site as “LuggieGo is a logistics solution and software application concept. WE focus on applying technology to achieve seamless implementation and distribution of goods globally while creating opportunities for human empowerment.”

The website is

May God bless whoever cam up with this idea. I am sure it will fly because they have definitely gained a customer in me! No more cracking my head on how to get things across!

Please leave your comments on this post especially if and when you use the service so as to help others with some FAQs.

Also, help spread the news. We all know someone who needs this service, either to make money or to get things delivered.

Remember, you read it here first! 🙂

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