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Natural or Political DISASTER?

Natural disaster! As the name implies, it is NATURAL, which means, it comes NATURALLY, not a disaster caused by man! Examples of natural disasters are earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, flood, volcano eruption etc.

What are the precautions advised when a natural disaster is foreseen or in areas that are prone to occurrence?

Below are examples of general precautions advised in the event of a natural disaster:

  • Be informed and prepared.
  • Have an emergency-kit with non-perishable food, bottled water, first aid items, blankets, other essential items, battery-operated radio and flashlight, enough batteries easily accessible.
  • Decide on a family meeting place away from home that everyone can easily and SAFELY fine.
  • Learn evacuation routes to the designated meeting spot.
  • Always keep fuel in your car as power outages may make getting additional fuel impossible.

asurvivalUnderAtomicAttack Now, NO ONE could be 100% prepared for a NATURAL disaster, however, good precautions and knowing you have a well-laid out plan for yourself and your loved ones would bring more peace of mind.

In recent years, with the increase in terrorism and civil unrests around the world, precautions such as maintaining a high level of vigilance, security awareness as well as appropriate plans to bolster personal security are often advised. Curfews are usually enforced.

Now, ELECTIONS! I have watched with disdain how the Country which is my mother-land has divided because of TWO people! I have watched how many shout for CHANGE, knowing deep within themselves it would be the SAME old story REGARDLESS of WHO comes out as the President-elect of the GIANT OF AFRICA this time around! – By the way, I am NOT in support of neither of the two candidates because I was not born with a “settling for whatever spirit”, nor did I pick it up along the way.

Nigeria, I weep for thee! My motherland, my heart burns for thee. My people, I shake my head for lack of wisdom!

Precautions for this upcoming elections in Nigeria are being circulated around. For the first time in my life, I am witnessing elections being prepared for as if a natural disaster is about to be experienced!

Communicating with family and friends at home (Nigeria), one can sense the uncertainty of the aftermath of the elections within them. Saw a picture of the Muritala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos yesterday (not really sure of the credibility of the pictures circulated), it was like a carnival! Credible picture or not, the truth is that many are leaving the Country, and many have left! People are basically checking-in to check-out of the Country! My question is: “who would vote when people are seeking safety in other Countries?” In other parts of the world, like the U.S.A for instance, during elections, citizens swamp the baggage claim areas to make it home so as to proudly and SAFELY participate in elections.

I read headlines that make me laugh since this campaign started. Insults are traded online and offline by many because of TWO people that do NOT even know the first names of those putting their relationships on the line! People get angry when their views and choice of candidate is not agreed upon by another. People are so engrossed in spreading of, and sourcing for unconfirmed stories about opposition party that they forget the most important thing – getting their PVC! Makes me wonder how they would vote on Saturday!

CHANGE!!! The question is: “What will “change” if Jonathan is retained for another four years? What will “change” if Buhari becomes the President elect?

Do NOT deceive yourself because deep down, you know the TRUTH! Again, I am NOT campaigning for either of the two, because I know they are the SAME!

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Politics should NOT be about Religion in a Country that embraces many religions.

Politics should not be a tribal issue.

Politics should not spread hatred.

Politics should not breed violence.

When would all these uncertainty stop if we keep settling for “what we have and what is handed to us?”

When are we truly going to have the chance at the change we want badly?

When would we be TRULY independent of selfish influence(s)?

Many questions abound, yet no answers!

May God help Nigeria and make this election safe, free from oppression and corruption, credible and transparent. Amen.

May God’s perfect will be manifested in Nigeria! Amen.

God bless Nigeria!


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