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Bungee Jumping Into My Fifth Decade….

As I type, drops of tears stream down my cheeks in awe of God’s amazing grace over my life. With all submission to God Almighty, I give my ALL of me to Him. He has been there ALL THE WAY for me and mine. He has ALWAYS kept my neck above the waters and NEVER allowed me to sink, talk less of drown, no matter what. Again and again, I say “AbbaModupe Motopeda!” I do not know where I would have been, I do not know how I would have made it this far (and still going); but He always has my back, He always has my hands in His grip. I am definitely His covenant child.

Stepping out of my Thirties....

Stepping out of my Thirties….

What more can I say? What more can I do but to send Praises and Adoration up above? – Father, out of Your Mercies, You paid a price for me! Alhamdulilahi! Oluwa ese!

To my dad, I love you Sango! I can only imagine what you would have said and done on my 40th, but I am most certain that if you were still on this side, we would have been together. I am however thankful that I had the privilege to visit your graveside and tell you many things this last week dad. I miss you is an understatement; however, I have never been better! I am thankful for all you taught me, I am most grateful for the strength I inherited from you; – it sure comes useful each second even though weak minds can’t comprehend! Love you even in death Sango! Continue to rest on my first love.

Rest on daddy dearest.

Rest on daddy dearest.

To an amazing mother like NO OTHER – super-intelligent, gracious, passionate, beautiful, loving, lovable, inspiring, resilient, independent, selfless, hard-working, cool, and lots more. You have ALWAYS been steadfast even when it was not convenient for you. I couldn’t have asked for a better ship to anchor me to this world.  I am blessed to be your daughter, and I know you know you are lucky to have me too. Hahahahahaaa!  May you continue to enjoy the fruits of your labor in good health of body, mind and soul mum. Amen.

Oya, thank you for raising me. I love who I have become as a woman: loving, strong, independent, selfless, industrious, self-sufficient, fearless, hard-working and lots more, all because of your training. You gave me the opportunity to be who I am. Thanks for always being there. God will continue to uphold you my darling darlingest. For all that you have been, for all that you are, for the person you are, for all that you have sacrificed and still sacrifice, for all that you stand for, I bless God, and I thank you. What kind of woman would choose to spend Valentine’s Day in labor? An extra-ordinary woman! I LOVE YOU Ma Mere!

BEST mum in the WWW

BEST mum in the www

To an exceptional man of God who has been constant in my life since I was born, I am glad to have been able to spend some quality time with you the week of my birthday. I am very grateful for all you have been to me. Words can not express my gratitude to you. Your Grace, Archbishop Felix Alaba Adeosin Job, e pe fun mi ni agbara Oluwa. Amin. Love you dad!

With my go-to father, Archbishop Felix Job.

With Baba mi owon, Archbishop Felix Alaba Adeosin Job.

We all learn as we go (I hope)! In my sojourn on this area called life, I have learned quite a LOT! In this last decade, I sure have learned quite a bit I have to admit, and still learning! One thing though, I always have been blessed with the opportunity to take ONE thing away from my experiences………..which is GRATITUDE! Yes, to God for the opportunity for the experience, as well as for the reason (human or circumstance) related to each experience. So, using this medium, I SINCERELY EXPRESS MY THANKS TO ALL OF THOSE THAT HAVE TAUGHT ME ONE LESSON OR ANOTHER.  🙂

I reflect over the past year, on to five years ago, yet again thoughts of ten years ago flood my mind, and all the way to the past four decades and I have to say: ABSOLUTELY NO REGRETS! God has been God in my life. I am better than my yesterdays because of His Grace. I am work in progress!

It definitely hasn’t been an easy journey I definitely know, BUT! It surely has been a well-needed, worth-while and timely trip to God’s glory. Lessons have been learnt from experiences sweet, sour and bittersweet. Bad apples have fallen and rolled down my cliff to God’s glory especially the last ten years, when I had constantly gone on my knees and asked God to please REMOVE ALL THE NEGATIVE PEOPLE FROM MY LIFE. He sure answered my prayers each time, they showed faces, they acted up, and to the black bin they went, and I have never been happier! I have always believed in QUALITY versus QUANTITY. It is not how many, but how rich – that is my slogan! I am loving my solitude!

I turned the BIG 4 Oh to God’s glory and questions abound on how I planned to spend the landmark. I just sky-dived to the end of my fourth decade and bungee jumped into the beginning of my fifth decade on earth, accident-free, to God’s glory, Amen! This goes without saying that, I am surely blessed! Again, not HOW MANY, but HOW SOLID!

I began my special month with a trip back to my roots – Nigeria. I have a cause dear to my heart, which co-incidentally, the beneficiary shares my birth month, so our Organization decided to share her birthday with her, and make it hopefully, a memorable one by presenting her the current proceeds from the Fundraising. For me, that was the beginning of celebrating the end of my fourth decade – putting songs of  laughter in people’s hearts, making dreams come true. What better way to thank God for His many blessings and for the many true people in my life? I am blessed!

Representatives of Chances and Opportunities Inc. presenting the proceeds from the fund-raising to Mrs. Olayinka Martins in Lagos Nigeria. From L-R Valentina Ibirogba, Mr. & Mrs. Martins, Rev. Sr. Juliana Osiyemi E.H.J, Hajia Khadijah Tebun and little Celestine.

Representatives of Chances and Opportunities Inc. Fort Worth, TX presenting the current proceeds from the fund-raising to Mrs. Olayinka Martins in Lagos Nigeria. From L-R Valentina Ibirogba, Mr. & Mrs. Martins, Rev. Sr. Juliana Osiyemi E.H.J, Hajia Khadijah Tebun and little Celestina.

By the way, to those that have asked me what I want for my birthday, all I am asking is contribution toward this cause and many others dear to my heart. You can be assured of transparency. Contact me if you want to be a blessing to another, or go on the Organization’s website by clicking here 🙂 As we all know, there is joy in giving, and lots of blessings too!

I am using this medium to say a BIG thanks once again to ALL donors toward this cause. As you have blessed Mrs. Martins by helping to have her back on her feet, may you eternally be blessed all the days of your life. Amen.

Mrs. Olayinka Martins getting a feel of her Prosthectic Leg.

Mrs. Olayinka Martins getting a feel of her Prosthesis.

Special thanks go to all that took their precious time to pray for me and wish me well on my 40 years of being exceptional 🙂 My pictures flooded Social media that I began to ask myself if it was real 🙂 May God continue to remember you and yours for good. Amen.

My prayer for EVERYBODY who has ever thought of me for even a brief second is: may your thoughts, hopes, wishes and prayers for me and mine be accorded to you and yours a million fold in Jesus Mighty Name. AMEN. I wish you what you wish for me in Jesus Mighty Name. It has been signed in Heaven and on earth. God bless you all mightily. AMEN.

I was asked what it feels like being 40! Personally, nothing has changed! I am still ME. I will always be WORK IN PROGRESS. My life began a long time ago, and I am living it to the fullest with all glory to God. God did not wait for me to turn 40 to realize a lot of things. I will always live for God. I have never been defined by humanity. No matter what, humans will always be humans. Since I discovered about 30 years ago, that I can not control being judged by others, I stopped bothering myself and began to focus more on not being affected by other peoples’ sentiments! At the end of the day, these set of people matter NOT! Those that matter do not judge, they help you grow!

My life has always been to focus on what God wants, and what floats my boat and I have not for once regretted it. On the contrary, I have regrets when I do not follow my instincts about people, situations or even events.

I prefer to be loved and appreciated by the few people I care about, than to be liked by everyone! I choose to focus on people who love me for who I am, and people who have always been, and will be there for me when the chips are down. These are the ONLY people that matter to me!

As much as I planned for a quiet day, “some” just wouldn’t let me! 🙂 I call them “coup-plotters!” I however had an unplanned fun on my D-Day! To friends more like sisters, I say a big thanks my darlings. We rocked our 20s’ together, on to our 30s’ and now our 40s’. With God, we will rock it all the way to our 90s’ together in good health. Amen. I love you Kemostic and my Abettie-Bettie 🙂 Thanks for all you are, do, and stand for my darlings.

40th Birthday Coup Plotters

40th Birthday Party Coup Plotters.

It has surely been an amazing week! I can’t complain! Again, I say AbbaModupe, Motopeda with all sincerity to the Most High.

Stepping into my graceful days to God's glory. - VTI

Stepping into my graceful days to God’s glory. – VTI©

As I step into the magnificent days ahead of me, I step with God, in splendor, into years of great health in His grace, His abundant mercies, exceeding favour, unrivaled success, unconditional love, inconceivable joy, unswayable faith, peace no human can provide,   stability no one can comprehend, resplendent beauty, exceptional relationships, deep well of wisdom, incredible knowledge, and much love for making dreams come true. May God in His infinite greatness continue to guide and guard me. May His face continue to shine upon me. May He in His mercies continue to direct my paths. May He always look down on me with favour, and above all, may He leave my name permanently as His covenant child in His books. AMEN.

God bless you all, and oh yes! I am proud to be the BIG 4 Oh!

Surprise Birthday Cake from the Coup Plotters.

Surprise Birthday Cake from the Coup Plotters.

February 14th, 1976 – A day the world welcomed an exceptional person – ME 🙂

Much love, VTI©


About VTI©

Valentina is a self motivated mother who has always committed herself to the service of humanity. In her quest to help in this wise, she has tales of personal experiences. Her challenges and successes which are always ongoing, and she'll be sharing with you without reserve. - Olusegun Idowu


  1. The Lord that kept you till today Will continue to be with you. You still have a long way to go Babe and the Lord will see you through every step.
    Happy Birthday Beautiful.

  2. Congratulations baby girl u ll celebrate how IJMN.

  3. Val, I thank God for you. Happy 40th birthday 🎂. May God grant you good health of mind and body. May his rain of blessings fall abundantly on you. Amen.

  4. God bless your new age. May you live many more years in good health and continue to prosper!

  5. May God continually bless you, yours and the work of your hands. You will celebrate more years in good health and peace of mind IJN. Your joy will know no end. His glory will continue to shine on you🌹🌹🌹. I am so happy for Mrs Martins. God will continue to strengthen her. Amen.

  6. Many Happy Returns Aburo. I pray the new the good Lord please you and as you take a big leap into the next 40, I pray His grace go with you in all you do and the big strided come forth in immeasurable ways. God bless

    • Amen EGBON 😂😂😂😂 I will get you Segs! Thanks loads my darling. Thanks for always being there, and for encouraging Birogs as well as all my other projects. Love you bro 💋

  7. May all your heart desires be fulfilled IJN. Congratulations dear!

  8. Agnes Kemi Ogunbodede

    Happy Birthday Valentina, that you witnessed forty it is by God’s Grace and that you will witness many more decades it is also by His Grace..I pray that The Grace of God that supercede human comprehension will be bestowed on you to achieve exceedingly beyond your expectations and a sound mind spirit and soul in Jesus name Amen

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