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New Year Resolutions? Who Is In?

A grand exit from an interesting and quite eventful Year I must say!

2017 definitely is a Year the faith of my family and very close ones was tested, but GOD HAS REMAINED GOD ALL THROUGH. We are definitely looking forward with high expectations to a promising 2018, filled with more blessings from above.

God has been wonderful in our lives, no doubt. If you are reading this, send some thankful words of praise to the Almighty, for it is NOT by your power, might, good deeds, or even faith that you are here today, but by His Grace.

If you ask me, 2017 was quite eventful, with wins and losses, and lots of moments I had no choice but to say: “Father, it can ONLY be You.” Thank You God! I have an assurance from above that 2018 will be a better Year by God’s special grace. Amen.

Time for the norm – “New Year Resolutions.”

It gets interesting as the year progresses, and one sees where people are with the resolutions made. Most resolutions do not make it to the end of the first quarter! Why do people make resolutions you might wonder? Obviously it is to improve themselves, thereby, improving their lives. This is usually achieved by changing or learning habits.

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I do not have a problem with New Year resolutions, I have a problem with making resolutions one can’t keep up with. If you ask me, it is like setting oneself up for failure! Seriously, if you are thinking of making resolutions for 2018, set up reasonable resolutions that you will be able to adhere to.

Take “baby-steps”. You want to lose weight? Start with a number that is reasonable and put guidelines to achieve your aim in place. Make it a lifestyle, and not an easy fix. That way, you are most likely to achieve your goal.

Do what you already enjoy doing, and it will be a breeze. I will share my resolutions for 2018 with you….

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  • Laugh more. – Yes! I know many who know me personally are already wondering what would happen if I laugh more! I am even laughing at the thought and the scary looks as some read this! However, I really do intend to do more of this in 2018 in Jesus name. Amen. Expect more clowning, and to one of my close friends who asked me some hours ago if I will change in 2018 and stop clowning, this answers your question sis – NO!!!

Soar higher. – There is no stopping me by His Grace. He has said 2018 will be better, I believe it, and I am flying with it!

Sleep more. – Hmmmm! Setting myself for failure I can read some minds! However, I have actually been doing a lot of that recently, and I intend to keep it up!

Spend less time on social media. – This is actually a continuation of last year’s mid-year resolution that has worked for me so far. The last time I checked, Mark Zuckerberg and his contemporaries do not have me on their payroll, neither do I have shares invested in any social media. So, if I am not using it for something beneficial to me and others, why stay on and spend valuable time I could use for/on something else?

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Travel more. – One of the easiest and enjoyable things I love to do. I have a new bucket list for 2018 already. God help me, Amen. See you soon cuz. World, here I come!

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My best – Acknowledge His blessings in my life more, every second. – God has been really good to me and mine. Sometimes, I know I am undeserving of His mercies, but what can I say? AbbaModupe Motopeda!

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Make more meaningful connections. – I have always believed in this. If I am adding more value to your life, you better be adding value to my life. Better still, we should be learning from each other and adding value to our lives or I will move several thousands of blocks away! Seriously, if a relationship is not helping one positively, why stay in it?

Treat people the way I am treated and the way I want to be treated. – Darling, if you carry me like a pinch of salt, don’t expect I carry you like a bag of beans! Very simple! You feel too important to reach out to me? I send a message and your fingers are sticky to reply me? I realize I am the one trying to keep our relationship (regardless of who you are to me – family, friend, acquaintance…) vibrant and alive, hmmmmm!! So sorry to disappoint you! This ended a while back! Basically, no one is indispensable!

Finally, my easiest resolution. This has been my mid-year resolution and I did a good job keeping it up so far – to continue to improve myself, focus just on well-wishers, let go of poisonous souls, forgive more but not forget lessons learned and do things that pleases God and is beneficial to me and my loved ones.

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Finally, I can’t help but share a WALKing exercise for 2018……

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If you notice, I have resolved to do things that are beneficial to me, fun, and easy to do. New Year Resolutions should not be about being hard on oneself. It should be fun, attainable and of course beneficial.

Again, as we make our grand entrance into this amazing and exceptional year 2018, I wish you all love, peace, wisdom, success in all your endeavors, real people around you, lots of joy and all the goodies from above. Thank you for being a vital part of our 2017. Watch this space often for greater things.

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To all that have stood by me and mine all through the Years, especially in 2017, a BIG thanks to you! God bless, keep and enlarge you and yours. AMEN. Adupe oooo.

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Happy New Year from the Birogs family. VTI©

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