Only If I Knew!

IT was one of those mornings I wasn’t feeling myself because the anniversary of when one of my very close and well-loved adopted brother, Rev. Fr. Abayomi Adeniji (R.I.P.) was returned to his, and our Maker drew closer. I was in my zone I will say, but only if I knew!

Little did I know what God had in store for me! ONLY if I knew! I went about my day trying to stop the tears from flowing, but couldn’t control it once in a while. I knew I was trying HARD to be strong…….ONLY if I knew!

Then I remembered I needed to call a big sis of mine – Rev. Sr. Julie for something I needed her to do for me. In the course of our discussion, she touched on a name that definitely has changed the lives of my mother, my kids, another dear friend, and mine for LIFE! I asked my sis if I could call this God-sent angel, and she sent me the number with an instruction: tell her you are my aburo! My first reaction was “Nooooo sis! Inform her please!” Sis Julie again replied: “that’s all the intro needed!” Something in my heart of hearts knew I had to talk to this angel, but I did not feel comfortable intruding! After about an hour, I got yet another text from my big sis: “She’s expecting your friendly call!”

Okay, what I did not mention is that MY call was meant to CHEER this angel up! Oh my God! Little did I know I was in for the SHOCK of MY life!

Here is a little insight on who she is for NOW…… I will share more as time goes by…..

Her name is Mrs. Adebisi Olayinka Martins. A beautiful, brave, inspiring, compassionate, amusing, loving, intelligent, optimistic and lovable woman! (I need more complimentary adjectives abeg!) Seriously! I have NEVER in my life had an encounter with someone so charismatic, so full of life before!

So, my new-found big sis is an amputee. NO, she is NOT sitting by the way-side begging for money. She still does what she knows how to do best to keep body and soul together. She is a teacher as well as a professional “MC” …..she entertains people, makes them laugh and keeps events moving. (I can see how she does it because she is a CLOWN. Every word that came out of her mouth made me laugh) No, she does NOT believe in limitations. She strives like you and I do each day for a better tomorrow. Her faith is WOW! As a matter of fact, that is what I kept saying while speaking with her: “Wow! Wow! Wow!” She wowed me for real.

Again, this is someone I called to cheer up (so I intended), but who turned the call around and lifted my spirits instead! The highlight of my conversation with her was when I said to her: “I know there might be low periods, but….” She did not even allow me to complete the sentence and she said: “Oh no! There are NO low periods dear. Why would I give the devil the drum? Who will be dancing to the beats? Then she continued with a praise song: “O f’orin si mi l’enu, oni kin ma ko lo, O f’ijo simi l’ese, o ni kin ma jo ni sho, Ayo aiyeraiye o, number one miracle, l’Oluwa f’ore temi she!” (He put a song in my mouth and asked I should continue singing, he put dance steps unto my legs, and asked I should dance on, God has made mine a number one miracle!) So, I asked myself, and I ask you: “HOW DARE WE COMPLAIN?” Really, how dare we? I got you thinking right? I know I did. I have been doing a lot of thinking and thanking since my encounter with her. I have a new rule in our home now: NO COMPLAINTS, BUT LOTS OF THANKS NO MATTER THE SITUATION.

Now, WHY am I writing this? I NEED YOU TO LET US ALL COME TOGETHER AND MAKE A DREAM COME TRUE FOR HER! Yes! We all can do it. A drop of water will fill the bucket.

“Never underestimate that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead.

prShe needs a prosthetic leg in order to get back on her feet. No matter how small, I am sure it will go a long way. Below is her personal bank account details:


Account Name: Adebisi Olayinka Martins

Bank: First Bank of Nigeria

Account Number: 2000001616





What is a prosthetic leg? It is an artificial leg to replace her missing leg. Check the pictures below:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Another part that got me! Even with her own story (we all have ours), she still forgets about herself, and reaches out to patients in the hospitals who would ordinarily not celebrate Christmas, and takes Santa to them at Christmas. Please like her Facebook page by clicking: SANTA’S HOSPITAL VISITATION












If her story touched your life positively, if her story gave you goose bumps, if it made you apologise to God for being so selfish and ungrateful at times, if it made you say Father, I thank you! If it made a tear drop, PLEASE, I AM PLEADING, LET US COME TOGETHER FOR THIS GOOD CAUSE. I am sure blessing her is deep in your heart. I do not care how little it is, your widow’s mite will go a long way. LET US TAKE AN EARLY SANTA TO HER. She needs N1,500,000 (One million and five hundred naira) which is approximately $7,500 (Seven thousand and five hundred dollars).

Again, she is NOT begging for food, SHE DID NOT ASK ME TO WRITE THIS. As a matter of fact, she will find out about this article just like you did.









If you are not in Nigeria and not sure how to get your contribution across to her, please feel free to contact me and I will direct you to her.

Together we can give her a Christmas with both legs!

May God bless you as you bless her. AMEN.

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Valentina is a self motivated mother who has always committed herself to the service of humanity. In her quest to help in this wise, she has tales of personal experiences. Her challenges and successes which are always ongoing, and she'll be sharing with you without reserve. - Olusegun Idowu


  1. Oh God, am so sorry for every complains that l made, unnecessary complains. I thank you Lord for everything you have done and still doing, let me be more grateful to you.
    When you read story like this, there is nothing more to say than thank God and may God continue to bless Mrs Martins as she blesses the world even in her condition which she didn’t even see as a limitation. God bless you too VTI for this good cause.

  2. This is her cross which she is carrying cheerfully. What a Christian. I am really moved with her story. No, I dont pity her, rather I bless God for giving her the grace to bear her present condition with joy and THANKSGIVING. I sincerely love you and pray God not to remove that joy that He alone can give from you as mother of mercy intercede for us all. I pray our mother Mary; mother of sorrows and the Queen of all Hearts to continue to pray for us. Heaven is our goal……

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