Reasons You Should Kiss More

Ever had that kind of kiss that swept you off your feet, the kind that gives you butterflies, leaves you light-headed, with your fingers and toes tingling?

There is nothing like that feeling you get from a great kiss. It turns out kisses don’t only give you butterflies but are great and can actually benefit you in a number of ways.
Kissing, a great way to bond romantically, can be sweet, erotic, passionate, or affectionate and you can reap some major benefits from locking lips with your partner.

It’s been proven that kissing is good for you and your relationship.

After reading these benefits, you’ll no more feel the need to look for excuses to kiss your loved one.

1. Helps bonding:

When people kiss, the hormone oxytocin which boosts bonding in couples is released. This hormone helps create feelings of attachment, intimacy and bonding in relationships.

2. Enhances sexual pleasure:

Kissing gives a more pleasurable sexual experience. Sex has a positive effect on your heart as well as your self-esteem and kissing is one of the components of sex and foreplay.

3. Spit treats illnesses:

When kissing, fluids are flowing, including your saliva. You secret more saliva while kissing and swapping spit is a great way to ward off viruses. Secreting saliva washes away the plaque on your teeth that leads to cavities. Moreover, kissing also helps build immunity.

4. Makes one happy:

You know that feeling, whether you call them butterflies in stomach or light-headedness. kissing seems to be a better medication for happiness. Kissing really does improve your mood, thanks to the fact that it triggers so-called “feel-good chemicals,” like dopamine and serotonin. Serotonin puts you in a positive mood; dopamine helps the brain process pleasure, pain and emotion.

5. Reduces pain:

During a heated kissing session, your body releases adrenaline which is said to reduce the feeling of pain. Try pairing locking lips with physical intimacy when you have a headache and see whether it works wonders on your ache.

6. Lowers stress:

If you feel drained and exhausted at the end of the day, blame it on cortisol which is the stress hormone. Kissing lowers levels of cortisol, boosts endocrine system and brain health. So to de-stress, kiss your partner and you’ll definitely feel better. In a long term relationships cortisol continues to drop making you feel increasingly safe and secure and the longer you’ve been together, the bigger the decline in cortisol – therefore making you feel calmer and happier both in your relationship and as a person.

7. Burns calories:

Kissing may not burn as many calories as running on a treadmill does but it does pump up your metabolism to about twice its usual rate. So if you’re planning to skip gym for a make-out session with your partner, you can do it without feeling guilty. Just make up for the gym session through some energy-boosting kisses. Moreover, kissing also workout out your face and enhances your youthful appearance by tightening your muscles.

Above all, kissing is really fun and one of the many pleasures of being close to someone so enjoy it!

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