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Recognise, Articulate & Live Your Life’s Purpose.

What do you do? No, seriously, what is it that you DO and can offer others?

Now that you have said what you say you do, how does it feel? Does it excite you?

Does it make you feel proud, passionate, or does it do nothing for you at all?


The irony is, you probably get asked that question many times a week, even a day at appointments, networking events, social events, or even down the pub.

But there’s a greater, more profound message in writing or articulating your elevator pitch or unique selling point. Seriously, I mean it. It can ignite the spark of absolute essence within you. It can help you to discover who you really are, why you are here and what you can really offer.

For some, it can really help them to define their true purpose in life, especially if they are doing what they enjoy and love to do, and excel at doing it too.

If you don’t totally come alive bursting with energy and enthusiasm in every single cell of your genetic makeup, when you think about what it is you do, then how on this earth, are you going to be able instil confidence and enthusiasm in others for what it is you offer?

Did you notice a slight subtle difference there? For that’s the key – In answering the question, you don’t want to get lost in process and activity in describing how you actually go about your business. The point I’m making is that it’s actually all about getting you to ask yourself what it you OFFER others is, and what is the VALUE that they get from connecting and engaging with you.

It’s Time for a Reality Check. People aren’t actually interested in what you know, what you have or what you do or how you do it, they’re only interested in what they will GET as a result of you doing what you do. (Big difference!!)

I remember meeting an accountant chap at a particular networking event at the Tower Hotel in London. I politely asked him “What do you do?” and before he’d finished telling me who he was, and what he did (not what they offered, and what I would get), I found myself very quickly losing interest, looking round the room to see who else I could mingle with, while they continued to do a “me, me, me, me”.

Now I don’t want to appear rude, but I’m sure you’ve probably asked that question before at some networking meeting in the past in less than 1.3 seconds, but received a six minute monotone Shakespearean soliloquy in return, and became very bored, disinterested or simply convinced that the person speaking was coming across as needy, desperate or skint.

When people want anything, they often come across as “needy”. When we are in a state of need, we tend to focus all our attention on one person…


Quite often we can be so consumed in our problems, issues and challenges that any opportunity where someone shows interest in what we do, we rush in, desperate to pour out all these justifications and reasons why they should do business with us. So what happens? You unconsciously end up pouring your heart out trying to sell what you have and come across as “selling” (something you yourself probably loathe and despise).

You don’t mean to, but unfortunately that’s what’s happening. When someone asks us what it us we do, we have a tendency to see the spotlight shining on us, and we think – “Ooh. Ooh, a chance to speak about me and tell others what it is I do.”


It’s actually the universe’s way of helping you to arrive at yet another opportunity junction (as I call them). This is you being tested to see whether you are in your flow, or are meeting resistance. You are the sum total of your experiences to date. You are who you are, having done what you’ve done, to learn what you’ve mastered in order to help and serve others.

On a teleconference call last week, I asked 7 people what they did for a living. Only one was able to articulate it in less than ten words. The rest took on average 30 seconds to just over two minutes to tell the rest of us what they did. How long does it take you to tell people what your passion is?

You need to live your life’s purpose. You need to fire up your levels of enthusiasm, and be 100% confident and true to yourself that what you’re doing and the selfless service you provide to others, is resonating at the absolute core of your being.

If it’s not, then change your job, change your career. Don’t just do it for the money – do it because you love it. More importantly, you need to be able to articulate what you offer to others. You are who you are, offering the knowledge, skills and expertise you have accumulated during your time so far on this planet. In the history of the universe, you are unique, but it’s high time you raised your energy levels and really started to believe in yourself and what you offer.

Remember the last 4 letters of enthusiasm – IASM – “I Am Sold Myself “.You should be doing what you do, because you love it!

You need to start BELIEVING in yourself, and BELIEVING in what you have to offer.

The first breakthrough, the very first building block of a successful self-employment strategy is CONFIDENCE.

If you don’t have confidence in your skills, knowledge, and solutions, (and have an excellent portfolio of testimonials from clients who have benefited from what you have to offer and have demonstrated their confidence in you), then how the heck can you build confidence in others?

Remember: CONFIDENCE leads to PROGRESS which leads to RESULTS.

What you really, really want, more than anything else in the world, is to find people you can help, and offer them the knowledge, skills, experience and value you have accumulated so far on this planet. You want happiness, contentment, and peace of mind. You don’t want money worries, or any negative experience.

Happiness comes from giving, being true to yourself, and doing what you love to do. Stop focusing on what you have to get (or want to get).


Many people have heard of the quote “There is nothing you cannot be, do or have”. Many people tend to live the formula the wrong way round.

Quite often they are obsessed and consumed with frustration for the things that they DON’T HAVE. They become obsessed in wanting to HAVE or achieve certain things. But the mere act of wanting something actually acknowledges the fact that there is a distance between where you are and what you want, so you actually end up pushing it further away.

You need to focus on the BEING first. Be who you want to be, not who you HAVE to be. Then focus on DOING the things you excel at and really enjoy doing in order to get (or HAVE) that which you desire. Stop focusing all your attention on yourself, and start focusing on living your purpose. Start being that solution driven, results oriented person that can help specific people with specific problems that they HAVE.


Fraser J. Hay is a Business Coach, Keynote Speaker & Founder of Grow Your Business® Club. Revolutionising Business Support – Worldwide.

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