Revealing The Brother Who Is A Female-Singer

It’s been quiet here I know. Well, such is expected after discovering that MY Brother who sings is also a WOMAN! So many emotions since last week, with many calls and messages asking WHY, WHEN and HOW I decided on this new path. All I can say is: this new path has surely given me PEACE 🙂

Questions have been posed, some have even threatened to literally get off my train if I do not end the relationship with my new-found love after my discovery! I am sorry to disappoint many, BUT! This love of mine has COME TO STAY! I waited years for this love. I understand I am taking a risk with losing many, but, I am willing to dance to the music all for love! If you truly love me, you will accept my choice and be happy for me!

Not many times do we find true love, and after sitting my female-partner down, I have come to realize I prefer to hang with her than with a man! Yes! Let’s just say I have decided to come out of the closet publicly!

I have asked myself a lot of questions over the past week. Some, I have been able to answer, some of course, I couldn’t and still can’t come up with answers for; BUT one thing though is, I am convinced that I am in love with HER! I just love HER! I can’t help it really. She has all I have ever wanted in a brother, except of course, she isn’t a brother! Yet, she can satisfy me in all ways better than a brother! I have moved in with my new-found love who is here to stay!

I hope many will come to terms with MY choice and support me with my new discovery and CHOICE. At the end of the day, I AM THE ONE IN IT! All I want, is to be happy, and what does sexual orientation have to do with MY happiness?

Well, a little about her:

She has been around for quite a while and has been a friend of the family for ages!

My mother knew her. My father knew her, and of course my siblings!

She is a grandmother!

Her name is Àjoké! I just love that name – it has a romantic twang to it you must agree 🙂

Now that I have found her, reconditioned her, she is for keeps! She sure can sing!

So what happens to the brother you wonder? Well, the brother still gets to stay at mine. HE can still hang you know? That is why he is still at my beck and call. You never know with an old woman! I can’t put all my eggs in one basket so early in a relationship 🙂 🙂 Yes! The Brother still sings!

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

I still have some sentimental attachment to MY Brother. He was the one that led me to my search for the Singer. It wouldn’t be nice to just get rid of him like that. Plus you know, there are some things a man can do better than a woman! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Back to the Singer…..

Some things they say you pick from your lineage. Àjoké has been in my family for two generations. I knew of her all along; I just never thought I could fall in love with her. While searching for MY Brother that Could Sing, I discovered Àjoké still existed in my family. I spoke to my mother about Àjoké, and she directed me to where Àjoké lived. She lived at my parents’ in Ibadan. I prayed I would find Àjoké hale and hearty, but of course, it was a tough call. I put a call through to my brother. He helped find Àjoké, but Àjoké needed to be reconditioned! She had to learn to teach her voice to sing again 🙂


Àjoké Phillips-Lewis®

Àjoké is the woman that anchored my mother to this world. Yes! She was MY grandmother.

She owned the Singer machine.

I guess my love for sewing came from my grandmother who passed the art of sewing, as well as the Singer machine to my mother.

So, when I fell in love with sewing, I got myself a Brother sewing machine. I love my Brother, but I still wanted a Singer sewing machine.

Testing out Àjoké

Testing out Àjoké

Shopping around for a new Singer sewing machine, I discovered I wanted one that was more solid. This led me back home to Àjoké.


From Grandma Àjoké with Love

Now I have the best of both worlds of My Brother and My Singer. YES! My Brother still Sings!

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is a product of Àjoké 🙂

Àjoké by Birogs®

Àjoké by Birogs®

BACK VIEW - Àjoké by Birogs®

BACK VIEW – Àjoké by Birogs®


Àjoké is available for order by visiting our SHOP

We will customize EACH order to your taste, but in line with our concept.



Who else is worthy of having my very first female design named after than the great woman that birthed my wonderful mother, whom I am lucky to be able to use her sewing machine to make my designs. Àjoké surely is a great SINGER! 🙂

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  1. Olusegun Tolulope Idowu

    Nice one. Well I won’t complain about your new found brother. Trust the partnership will be absolutely worthy. And oh nice creation. Spotified

  2. Olusegun Tolulope Idowu

    Nice one. Well I won’t complain about your new found brother. Trust the partnership will be absolutely worthy. And oh nice creation. Spotified. Let the music play, melody and harmony.

  3. Wow.. Am so proud of my Granddaughter.. Thanks to Regina Ajoke Lewis for passing d Singer Machine to you..

  4. Great piece! Love it, very creative too!

  5. My goodness my heart melts what a beautiful piece, well composed I got carried away,i never wanted it to end but unfortunately it ended,thumbs upsss sister. Keep blogging..

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