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What IS sisterhood? I do really wonder what the real definition of SISTERHOOD is!!

To me, it is sticking with your SISTER through it ALL and NOT when convenient!

I expected a coalition to have been formed in search of their and (our) SISTER, and not some Facebook drama and baseless defensive attitudes!

Instead, members of a feminist group in which Charity Aiyedogbon aired her stor(ies) and strate(gies) are being banned from speaking out, and anyone that has the guts to disobey the admins is booted off the group!

Watch the video below to find out more….

Click here for the GoFundMe account opened for the building and maintenance of  FIN’s website. Why wasn’t one opened for logistics to find Charity IMMEDIATELY SHE GOT MISSING assuming logistics is the problem….

A group that has 177,874 members can NOT move in search of ONE of their members??? Hmmmmm!!!

Below is the header of the group’s page on Facebook……

Photo Credit: Facebook

Photo Credit: Facebook



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