Sleep on beautiful my mama-friend.

Sleep on dearest mama-friend.

How do I describe this feeling? How do I describe you? How do I describe someone who has made a great impact in my life and definitely the life of all that cross her path?

November 12, 2012 is definitely a day to remember. Our paths crossed because God destined it. In such the short period of time we worked together, I learnt quite a lot from you. You shared your wealth of knowledge with me. You believed soooo much in me that as much as I have a good level of confidence, you made me believe MORE in myself.

You wrote a book to rescue many.

You wrote a book to rescue many.

 We had the same passion – to reach out to the less privileged and impact lives like no one’s business. You were very open. You shared with me emotionally, educationally and materially – when I told you about my non-profit organization, you came back the next day with a box full of writing pads, pens, index cards, invitation cards, candles, and lots more! I asked how much you were selling them for and with that contagious smile of yours, you said: “girl, you better move it!” I remember putting a call through to my mother so she could thank you and your words to her still echo right this moment. You told her: “Oh! It’s nothing! I can’t believe she called you, but I want to tell you something that I am sure you know – you are lucky to have a go-getter like her for a daughter, but I bet she got it from you. Thank you for giving birth to her so I could be opportuned to meet her. She is a troublesome angel, but I won’t have it any other way!” The conversation went for another minute or two, and we planned on both of you meeting, but it never happened! You gave me business links for FREE, guided me on how business shows and conferences worked and even taught me how to identify the good ones.

Your love for your kids had no boundary. You spoke about them all the time. God will strengthen them, their families and all the friends and family you left behind. This is sure a vacuum no one else can fill.

How do I describe losing a jewel? I feel empty Ms. Beverly! I have been down since I heard the news of you sleeping in peace, and as much as I wish it isn’t so, I know it was God’s time.

I guess we can never be immune to the pain caused by death. I thought I have become immune to such pain after losing my dear ones in the last couple of years. However, death, you have lost again! This is another precious soul you do not have power over anymore! You have indeed done your worst!


Ms. Beverly, you were a natural fashionista! I am sure you look good even in your sleep. Younger ladies could hardly keep up with you. You did not have to try hard, you just looked good! You loved life and worked soooo hard for everything you wanted and needed. No, the word “lazy” was not in your dictionary. Your Hawaii plans? Now, I will not have the opportunity to come and bother you on the Island. Oh! Your dance steps? Your voice? Now the tears will not stop.

Ms. Beverly. I will miss you. I will sorely miss you.

Eternal rest grant unto Ms. Beverly O Lord! May Your perpetual light continue to shine on her. May she rest in perfect peace, Amen. Adieu my precious mama and friend!

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Valentina is a self motivated mother who has always committed herself to the service of humanity. In her quest to help in this wise, she has tales of personal experiences. Her challenges and successes which are always ongoing, and she'll be sharing with you without reserve. - Olusegun Idowu


  1. May Ms. Beverly’s soul rest in peace. Be comforted my sis as she lives om in the great memories you have of her.

  2. Beverly what a wonderful person you were to all. You always smiled made people laugh and knew how to love life. It is with great sadness that we all have lost you for the time being. One day we shall meet again. Until then you are in my thoughts prayers and most of all in my memories. Thank you for leaving this our works a better place. You will never be forgotten

  3. egbon tormentor

    It’s always painful to miss beloved people.

    Be strong and remember Ms Beverley in prayers

  4. My thoughts of my lil sister losing her mom, has sadden me much. I know from the way you represent yourself , you came from a precious jewel. My prayers, my deepest sympathy are simply granted to you and only do I hope you find some comfort through this hard devastating time. My sister, my sister again and again im so, so sorry for this to have happen, but glory to God your Jewel has met her maker and now she will rest in the pearly gates of heaven. Love and always will love , your sister Tricy Johnson…

  5. May gentle soul rest in peace

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