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Natural Hair Locs – Expecting The Unexpected

Growing locs could be very intimidating especially with no patience of seeing it grow. I’ve had my locs for 4 year now and sincerely the journey wasn’t that easy. I’ve got a lot of questions and emails on my hair but here are some little advises I have on growing locs. 1. Forget Everything You Think You Know.  Many people believe ...

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Why I Ended My Love-Affair….

I have been asked why and how I made the decision to “break-up my relationship of over two decades.” It was not an easy decision I will tell you. However, it was the BEST decision I have made so far. It sure is a difficult move to go from being able to easily run your fingers through, and having to ...

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Breaking Up A Relationship Of Over Two Decades.

Many a times we sit down and think of our relationships – how to make it work, how to make it last, how to enjoy every bit of it, and of course is it right for us? I had to do that recently, and I had to break up my last relationship that lasted well over two decades! Well, as ...

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