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Can We Just Live Peacefully Regardless Of…..?

Can We Just Live Peacefully Regardless Of…..? Slept as early as 5:15pm yesterday evening after what I will call a tedious past three weeks for a good cause. I was actually not planning to sleep off. I got back from running an errand and turned the fan on in my room since there was no electricity, and laid down for what ...

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Azzin…. Are You Kidding Me?

OMG!!! Are you kidding me? Not really 🙂 Got the first part of this from my dear bro – Segs, and can’t help but share….whoever compiled this is definitely talented, and of course spurred my talented special peeps at sending me theirs when I originally sent out a broadcast message on WhatsApp…… Azzin……Naijas got talent 🙂 Enjoy…… My dear Ghanaians; It’s Church, not ...

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DAILY CHEWING STICK: 29TH JULY- ST. MARTHA OF BETHANY. Good morning and Happy Feast Day to ALL MARTHAS! Her celebration today, re-awakens in us that important aspect of our culture – HOSPITALITY TO OUR GUESTS! I mentioned culture because I know we are all people of culture and have different ways of making our guests comfortable. The IGBOS OFFER “KOLA”, ...

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