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Keeping it Real And Happy With Yourself

How to keep it real  Keeping things in perspective and maintaining a balance in your life can be summed up by the phrase “keeping it real”. It is easy to get thrown off track of your goals, relationships, jobs,school, or whatever it might be. These steps will help you “keep it real”. 1.  Maintain a perspective on what really matters. ...

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Is It True That Black Women Date The Rich White Men That Aren’t Attractive ??

So I was in a forum last weekend and this question came up which really heated things up within the guys and the ladies. So here is the question- Why is it that Black girls/women who are stunning and young often settle with the rich White men who tend to always be MORE OLDER and MORE UGLY. He went further ...

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We’re Aging Everyday, So What Are We going To Do About It – Rachel Adelson

This Article is by Rachel Adelson author of Healthy Ageing at Home This summer, like many of you, I took some time to travel and catch up with family and friends. We talked a bit about my book on healthy aging at home. From these discussions — and a bit of sleuthing around various hotels and houses — I have ...

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