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Hand Me My Prostate Back Part 2.

Here is the long-awaited conclusion of Part 1. Thank you for the feed-back. We promise to keep more articles coming your way ………. APRIL 11, 2008. I’M LYING on my left side on a gurney in my urologist’s office. As instructed, I’ve lowered my pants to my knees. I’m here for a biopsy, but first comes the ultrasound. My doctor ...

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Signs Your Penis is Communicating To You About Your Health.

  Trouble down below may indicate health issues elsewhere. Listen up: Your privates may be trying to tell you something…. Here’s a fun party game: give everyone a pen and paper and have them scribble down as many slang terms for “penis” as they can think of in one minute. When the time’s up, you’ll hear the obvious (various snakes, ...

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