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What Are Your Reasons To Be Thankful?

What are you thankful for?

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A question I ask myself daily as I kneel to God during my constant communication with Him.

I am sure at one time or another, you have either being asked this question or asked yourself.

One song I love, that makes so much sense to me and comes to mind this moment is “Count your blessings name them one by one, count your blessings see what God has done…….”

While new reasons to give thanks pop up every moment, I do count myself fortunate that I have more to be thankful for than I typically may remember. Yes! Like every human being, it could be tough to see the positives in my life, I do know that sometimes I take so many things for granted. So, I decided to follow through with the song, I began to count and name them ONE BY ONE, and I am sure amazed at what God is doing in my life!

So, this Thanksgiving Day, I use it to urge you to count your blessings and name them one by one!

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On that note, I am eternally thankful for a LOT!

For the gift of being created by God, who gave me life freely, I am thankful!

For the special privilege to mother my son who thinks the world of me, AbbaModupe mo ma t’opeda o!

For the exceptional gift of my Parents, I thank YOU Father!

For sincere and loving family, I can’t thank You enough!

For genuine and quality friends who are always there no matter where I go, I appreciate You Father.

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For fake friends and those only around me when convenient, thank You Lord!

For self-acclaimed enemies, I appreciate You Lord!

For the opportunity to make mistakes, learn and grow from them, I thank You!

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For giving me second, third, and unlimited chances at life, I exault Your Holy Name!

For making 3 months time Your own 3 months, I thank You in advance Father! May Your will be done!

For allowing me to witness this Year’s Thanksgiving and eat all I want without cooking, thank You Father!

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For having the common sense of not hanging myself in the cold tonight just to save peanuts, Father I thank you and ask for more of such sense!

For ALWAYS being God and NOT man, hmmmm! Father, I thank YOU!

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For surrounding me with loving and caring folks who will drop whatever to make me okay, I magnify Your Holy Name!

For always providing for me and being a way-maker, hmmm! I give You praise!

For being my Miracle-Worker and Promise Keeper, I exault Your Holy Name.

For never leaving my side even when all I see are the clouds, Oluwa ese!

For my health, I bow before you Father!

For keeping me strong and being faithful to me despite me, I magnify Your Name FOREVER!

For a great sense of humour that allows me to laugh at myself, thank You!

For healthy meals, clothes on my back, roof over my head even when I don’t have a dime, thank You Lord!

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For providing warmth in these winter months, Father, I thank You!

For the gift of that special someone who makes me smile through my hardest days, I thank You!

For giving me an open heart to let people in, and a sense to know when to draw lines, I thank You!

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For the opportunity to follow my dreams, grow and experience life regardless of how tough it may be at times, thank You Lord!

For the giving me eyes that produce tears when hurt and to mourn loved ones that I will always miss, thank You Lord!

For making me beautiful and confident never to down on myself but rather improve, thank You!

For riches, not in material things, but in marvelous people You have blessed me with, I thank You!

To be welcomed and accepted by strangers, thank You Lord!

For the ability to reach out to the needy even when I am struggling, Father, I bless Your Name!

For the opportunity to be healthy, although not perfectly, and the knowledge that it could be worse, I worship You!

For the ability to be diverse, which allows me to learn and love people no matter how different, thank You Lord!

For the silly young man that I can’t but love, who is at the Airport on this cold night just to spend Thanksgiving Day with me, I am thankful Lord! Give me the strength not to chew him to pieces! AMEN!

I am thankful for EVERYTHING! Good, bad, beautiful, laughter, tears, harsh, scary, wonderful, unique, and much more! I am thankful that my list continues to grow each second. I am thankful for my daily struggles which may sometimes appear to be stressors – regardless of how I look at them: lessons or reasons to appreciate the next day, I thank You for the grace to endure!

For all of yesterday, today and even tomorrow, and the journey of my life, AbbaModupe Motopeda!!!

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