Archbishop Felix Alaba Adeosin Job.

The Addition Of A Great Man Called Adéosìn.

Adéosìn? Yes! Adéosìn!!

Why Adéosìn? Why not, I wonder! Who else deserves to have our label named after him if not Adéosìn?

Adéosìn has been in my life way before I was even born!

Adéosìn is someone who believes in me, and encourages me to strive for greater heights. He is my father, he is my daddy, and of course my prayer warrior.

Yes! It is the same Adéosìn many of you know. He is Archbishop Felix Alaba Adéosìn Job, the Archbishop Emeritus of Ibadan Catholic Archdiocese.

VTI with His Grace

VTI with His Grace

He is definitely a great man. He is an exceptional father to me and many, and definitely someone to look up to.

The release of our first men’s label – Adéosìn is actually long overdue.

As Birogs releases Adéosìn, I will also use this medium to say THANK YOU all over again to someone I simply address as “Baba mi owon.”

Adéosìn by Birogs

Adéosìn by Birogs

Thank you for being ever so constant.

Thank you for always being a phone call or text message away.

Thank you for never holding back when I need to hear the “truth” or even be scolded 🙂

I take for granted not, all your prayerful words of wisdom, your constant prayers and of course your timely “pick-me-up” lines.

I definitely take for granted not, the opportunity to be your pampered daughter (even though my bio-parents take it as spoiling me) 🙂

I take for granted not the opportunity to have a REAL father-daughter relationship with you, and the ability to say: “Yes, you truly know me and what I can do.”

Thank you Baba mi owon. You are a father in a zillion. I love you more than words can express.

Adéosìn and Àjoké by Birogs®

Adéosìn and Àjoké by Birogs®

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Stay tuned for our next release COMING SOON!



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  1. Great job ma,good concept.Your designs are unique.

  2. I celebrate you too sir

  3. Drumroll!!!!!! Herald the birth of Adeosin!!

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