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The Brother Can Be a Singer!

You have to know what you want in a relationship many say. Really? I feel it depends on what kind of relationship it is.

Sometimes, one needs to let nature take it course like most “men” ask for! Many times we just can’t allow nature! We tend to direct the path. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Either way, what do we do? We keep striving, we keep living, many times we exist! I, have however STOPPED existing a LONG time ago! I live, and I enjoy life to the fullest with God on my side. Amen!

It’s one thing searching for a brother, it is another thing finding a brother, and yet, finding the kind of brother one wants is the main thing right? Well, in search of MY kind of “brother,” I realized AFTER finding THE BROTHER, I still want the Brother that can also be a SINGER! A lot of Brothers are NOT Singers! In my quest, I found out it’s one of those things you either have or don’t! You can learn it, but having IT is much better. Confusing right? Follow me and find out the outcome of my findings!

I got fascinated with this idea about three years ago and went online to read reviews about the Brother! Then I found out that many brothers do not sing! Online dating? 🙂 Let’s see how it goes!

Not too long into my research, I realized I would rather deal with the Brother that did NOT sing even though I needed a Brother that could also be a singer! Well, I might have to find out if I could make the Brother sing! A lot of messages went back and forth in the quest for this love of mine! My Samsung got HOT! It even screamed 🙂

I opted for the Brother that didn’t sing, and was really impressed at his moves and his rhythms that I fell in love with the Brother! I love the feeling of being in love 🙂

I decided to play along and see where it would lead. Somewhere good I prayed! It did not move at a pace that I wanted, so I had to go back to my original plan and search for the Singer! I decided to give the Brother a break and leave my comfort zone in search of the Singer!

I found a Singer older than my mum, if not older than my late dad; and you bet I was glad when I found out old Singers are more seasoned! I guess it was truly the case of “old wine.”

I fell in love with this Singer, but I had to RE-CONDITION the Singer to learn the steps the Brother had. That was the easiest part for me because the Singer’s legs were very sturdy, and the Singer sure learnt fast that the Singer sang and danced better than the Brother! I finally found the SINGER that was also a BROTHER! Yes! My BROTHER can also SING! 🙂 🙂

By the way, a very happy birthday to my wonderful bio-bro. August 18 rocks!…….and NO! This isn’t about him! This is about MY “BROTHER” that has to “SING” the lyrics of LOVE!

Stay tuned to find out how the relationship is going, and if the Brother is still a Singer!

Meanwhile, don’t forget to leave your mark below…..I won’t be answering questions off this page 🙂 🙂 🙂

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