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The Digital Kid’s Language.

Yes! The digital kid! Sitting in the lobby of an hospital and overhearing a conversation among two women, – you can call it eavesdropping; though they were speaking very loud I could not help me! 🙂 Overhearing their conversation, I could not help but wonder what more could be out there. I also wondered if their kids knew their mothers are privy to these details. I decided to do some research myself on how the digital kid speaks, and as typical of nice me, I will share with you! So, after reading, do NOT hoard this, SHARE! 🙂

We all have a digital kid in our lives. It could be your very own biological child, a step-child, niece, nephew, or even a family-friend. What age do I refer to as a “digital kid?” Personally, all children in this era are digital children, but I am more concerned about the digital kid that has access to any sort of social media or even a mobile phone! (Another article on appropriate age for social media coming soon!)

Being a kid in the digital age comes with expectations among their peers. One of the expectation is being able to speak “the” language! A language usually understood by teens and tweens alike. “The” language is a form of shorthand, slangs or acronyms that kids as little as 10 years of age use to scan their conversations especially online, of course because of prying adults!

Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

Before I release some of the compiled acronyms, let me add mine!

IAIA – I Apologise In Advance! – VTI©

Below are some of the most commonly used ones.

  1. OOTD – Outfit of the day
  2. KOTD – Kicks of the day — Typically refers to sneakers
  3. HMU – Hit me up — Usually asking for someone’s Snapchat username, a phone number to text or for a direct message.
  4. Smash – I would have sex with you — A girl might post a provocative picture and a boy might write “smash.”
  5. Cook session – When one or several teens gang up on another kid on social media.
  6. TBH – To be honest — A teen might post a picture of himself or herself and ask for a TBH, usually looking for positive responses.
  7. TBR – To be rude — While TBH often leads to positive responses, TBR is usually followed by a negative response.
  8. OOMF – One of my followers — A secretive way to talk about one of their followers without saying their name, such as “OOMF was so hot today.”
  9. BAE – Baby — affectionate term for someone’s girlfriend, boyfriend etc.
  10. WCW – Woman Crush Wednesday — A girl will post a picture of another girl she thinks is pretty, while guys will post pictures of girls they think are hot.
  11. MCM – Man Crush Monday — Similar to Woman Crush Wednesday, but featuring pictures of men.
  12. BMS – Broke my scale — A way to say they like the way someone looks.
  13. RDH – Rate date hate — As in “rate me, would you date me, do you hate me?” A typical response might be “rate 10 date yes hate no” or “10/y/n.”
  14. IDK – I don’t know.
  15. RN – Right now.
  16. KIK – Another social media app, Kik, that they want to communicate on.
  17. FML – F*** my life.
  18. AF – As f*** — A teen might tweet “mad af” or “you seem chill af.”
  19. LMAO – Laughing my ass off.
  20. S/O or SO – Shout out.
  21. ILYSM – I like you so much or I love you so much
  22. CWD – Comment when done — Similar to TBH, urging others to comment on their photo of whatever they’re posting.
  23. LOL – Laugh out loud — Yes, you’ll still find teens using LOL and OMG.
  24. PAP: “Post a picture”
  25. Bad: “Just like the olden days of parents’ yore, bad still means good but it has shifted slightly and means something even more positive like hot”
  26. Ship: “Short for relationship”
  27. :3: “A symbol meant to represent the cat face made by anime characters when they say something clever, sarcastic, or comment on something cute”
  28. IDEK: “I don’t even know”
  29. IKR: “I know, right?”
  30. SMH: “Shaking my head”
  31. Dime: “The highest rating on a scale of 1-10; used to share approval or express how good something is”
  32. THOT: “That ho over there”
  33. Netflix and chill: “Code for hooking up”
  34. Savage: “Used to describe something that is hardcore or extreme, in a good way”
  35. AF: “As f–k”
  36. TBR: “To be rude”
  37. Peep: “Can refer either to friends (your people), or to look at/listen to (e.g. peep this)”
  38. Slept: “Can refer to hitting someone hard enough to knock them out, missing out on something awesome, or to be extremely high”
  39. GOAT: “Greatest of all time”
  40. No chill: “Used to describe someone who is being irrational”
  41. Likers get rate: “A phrase that implies the original poster will rank anyone that likes/comments/answers a post, typically around how cool they are perceived to be or how they look; also used to incent followers to like posts to get something (usually indicated in the post) in return”
  42. Frog emoji + coffee cup emoji: “Based off a popular meme of Kermit the Frog drinking a cup of tea, teens use this emoji combo to sarcastically imply ‘but that’s none of my business’ or ‘I’m just saying'”

IF you have a digital kid or know one, and  do not know HALF of these acronyms, then, think again!

Let me add another of mine to the list:

YASIT – You are simply in trouble! VTI©

Yet another one, IYWTSOOT – If You Want To Stay Out Of Trouble, VTI© Parents, adults, LEARN and SHARE these!


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