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The Insanely Funny Response!

Okay, so many in search of a NEW life, because honestly, I will NOT call it a better life because ONLY if people sat and reasoned on the pros and cons of relocation many times! Do NOT just relocate because it’s a foreign Country, or like my people will refer to it as: ABROAD especially if you have something tangible doing where you are. The grass might appear greener on the other side, but do you know what it goes through to get green?

Anyway, back to my main reason of writing. I still can’t get over such response. 🙂 I was having a normal chit-chat with one cool big brother of mine last night and he told me about how he was approached to “assist someone in securing a better life” ……………… need I say more right? Well, if you don’t understand it, you will now!

So, he was approached several times, and preached to on how the “fees” could change his “condition”…..(whatever condition the requestor assumed); so, he humbly advised them on a quicker way to “secure this new and better life in Obama’s Country without paying a DIME!”

HE simply told them how they could get the residency needed through a FAST TRACK method by using FEMALE CIRCUMCISION! He further advised them that THE LADY TRULY HAS TO BE CIRCUMCISED because the process requires CONFIRMATION!! 🙂 🙂 🙂  However, there is ONE MAIN CATCH……….. hmmm! BUT! You will NOT be reading that on here, and I will NOT be giving it to anyone………….if you are that desperate, do YOUR research 🙂 🙂 🙂

We discussed how many would look into it and go to the length of being circumcised, and laughed over it. However, this is just a joke and a way for him to get them off his back after several NOs, but really, I ask myself: Is it that serious? Why would any sane person go through that length just to secure a Green Card? Do people really think of what is next after the Green Card? It is called a GREEN card for a purpose, and that, I will analyze in another article!

You read this on Birogs first! 🙂


Have a fabulous end of week.

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